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    As a company, we genuinely love and value people. Whether it’s a long-time employee or a new hire, a loyal customer or someone who just learned about us. With this in mind, we would love to share some 2023 New Year resolutions with you from our beloved community.

    • 2 min read

    At Nooie, we truly believe in creating a happy home. Not just through the products we design, but through everyday family life. We came across these amazing New Year Resolutions for Kids to help create that happy home.

    • 6 min read
    We love connecting with people, especially those who share the values, standards and vision that we have as a brand at Nooie. With this in mind, we took the opportunity at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to host a special Breakfast with Nooie @ CES 2023. From media outlets such as Forbes and CNN, to industry bloggers, influencers, and super parents, we gave everyone some insights into where we’re headed as a brand, a sneak peak at our road map, and offered them the opportunity to share their thoughts on new products and designs.
    • 2 min read

    Welcome to 2023! At Nooie we feel a new year offers an amazing opportunity to create genuine and impactful resolutions, especially being parents of kids and pets ourselves who value family and home.

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    • 2 min read

    The season of gifting is almost here and it's time to start figuring out what you want to get for the people you love this coming Christmas. Whether you’re shopping for someone who is a tech lover or someone with a green thumb, this gift guide is perfect for you.

    • 3 min read
    Nooie Stories is back and this time we are dedicating it to three hardworking super mommies!
    • 3 min read
    Nooie’s innovative and multi-purpose outdoor camera, Pro Cam, has just won the TWICE VIP Award 2022 and was shortlisted as a finalist in the 2022 IDEA Awards. With the recently released green energy Solar Panel add-on, many Nooie fans are keen to know where the company is headed with Pro Cam and what’s in the works!
    • 4 min read
    Window shopping is extremely common and can be therapeutic, whether it's Amazon, Target, Etsy, Best Buy, or other places. However, with all this "browsing" we sometimes end up spending more than we should. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday quickly approaching, we're sharing some great strategies that have helped many save money, while still indulging in guilty pleasures online!
    • 3 min read
    Our 360 Cam 2 has been featured in a few articles! The 360 Cam 2 has become one of our most popular cameras on the market since its release because of how flexible it is. Let's hear what these industry experts have to say about our 360 cameras!
    • 2 min read
    We're genuinely sad Halloween is over but during the month of October, we ran the Spooktacular Halloween Decor Contest at our Nooie Club. Many of our loyal fans shared their spooky home decorations with us. Today, we are pleased to announce the grand prize winner Claudia and 2 other breathtaking designs that received the most votes!
    • 1 min read
    It's almost Halloween and there's no better time to have some fun with your family, dress up and go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. We have compiled some fun Halloween costume ideas and themes that you can enjoy with the family this Halloween!
    • 2 min read

    Thinking of going green? You can save the environment, reduce greenhouse emissions, and save money, and it feels good to know that you’re taking a proactive stance by incorporating eco-friendly practices into your daily routine to combat climate change.

    Going green doesn’t have to be hard, we have gathered some great tips for you to go green at home! Read more to find out.

    • 3 min read