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    Nooie Xmas Gifting Guide

    It’s everybody’s favorite time of the year because Christmas is almost here! Will you be playing Santa Claus or Santa Paws to your loved one this year? Make Christmas merrier with Nooie while saving with our Christmas Sales!

    Your parents and grandparents

    We always worry about the security and well-being of our loved ones when we are away, especially if we live apart. While technology allows us to be constantly in contact with them, we can't always be there to help keep an eye out for their safety.

    This Christmas, you can give your loved ones an extra pair of watchful eyes with the Pro Cam and Solar Panel. The Pro Cam is easy to install and has a built-in spotlight for enhanced night viewing. The Triple Detection capability can alert your parents and grandparents whenever there is a visitor or when sound is detected.

    Better yet, the Solar Panel powers the Pro Cam 24/7 through rain or shine, so they don’t have to worry about recharging the camera.

    Your pet

    We can't leave out our four-legged friends, can we? Why not play Santa Paws while also giving yourself peace of mind with the Pet Care Bundle. The bundle is essential for any busy pet parent, it comes with the popular 360 Cam 2 and comes with Nooie latest product, the Pet Feeder.

    As much as we want to be there with them every minute of the day, life's ups and downs can keep us occupied and away from home for a long time. The Pet Feeder gives you the flexibility to feed your furry friend with a quick touch on your smartphone, or if you prefer, you can schedule the feeding time too. Better yet, the Pet Feeder is not exclusive only to cats or smaller dog breeds, it can also be used for guinea pigs, rabbits, or even chinchillas.

    This would also make a great gift for your other loved ones who may have mobility restrictions, as it reduces the stress of not being able to feed their pets in time while the 360 Cam 2 allows them to watch over their pets and home, all at the same time.

    Your friend living alone

    We all have that one friend who constantly forgets to turn off their appliances before they leave their home. As much as we love them, you can't help but worry about them all the time.

    The Smart Plug is universally helpful and can help "smarten up” mundane tasks. Use it with the lamp or the coffee maker, your friend can easily turn it on/off with voice control on their smartphone. Not to mention, these are great stocking stuffers.

    If they shop online often or are constantly worried about who's at the door, the Doorbell Cam is another great gift for them.

    Your friend that has a green thumb

    From succulents, and monstera to mint and basil, their home is decked out in beautiful ceramic pots or a lovely garden that makes everyone green with envy.

    Help to elevate their hobby by gifting them an Outdoor Cam that allows them to watch their plants and garden grow while deterring unscrupulous plant thieves away. If they have night-blooming flowers, the Outdoor Cam with its night vision will be sure to capture them in their full glory.

    Final thoughts

    The sky is truly the limit when it comes to finding the right gifts for your loved ones, and we hope you found our Nooie Xmas Gifting Guide helpful to make your seasonal gifting a little easier. We are excited to hear how you are celebrating your Christmas this year with your family, so make sure to pop by to say hello to all of us at Nooie Club!