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    Nooie Stories ft. Super Moms

    We love sharing content from our fans and creators who capture the warmth of a family. For November’s Nooie Stories, we have collaborated with 3 super moms who have dedicated their lives to providing warmth, care, and love to their families.

    We reached out to these 3 mommy creators with new tools, to hopefully help them elevate some of the stress of being a parent so they can focus on their tasks at hand, while still being able to watch over their babies and furry loved ones.

    Let's see what a day in their lives looks like!

    [Nooie has sponsored these three creators, however, all opinions are the creators’ own]

    1. “…the Nooie 360 cam [2] is an alternative choice for a baby monitor or it can be used inside or outside the home. […]The 360 Cam series allows live multi-view so multiple family members can watch different areas of the environment at the same time.”

    Getting into the cleaning and decluttering mood can take some motivation, but look no further. Jessie’s video will be sure to get your cleaning motors running! Jessie can now focus on her chores and other errands, while the 360 Cam 2 keeps watch and the Pet Feeder keeps the family pet well-fed. You can do it too!

    Visit Jessie At Home channel here.

    1. “I love the aesthetic of the camera when I unboxed it. I was so excited because both of them are so beautiful, it doesn’t look like your average baby camera […] I think the best feature for us is probably the motion tracking feature as all of you know that we’re trying to get Ezra home from the hospital right now and this will be a huge thing for us.”

    Blessed with triplets, the Fuller family will certainly be filled with joy, laughter, and mischief! We sent over our best-selling 360 Cam 2 and the Doorbell Cam to help the family, while they visit Ezra in the hospital (we pray that Ezra can join his brothers at home soon!). The 360 Cam 2 and the Doorbell Cam will be sure to capture the daily adventures of these lively boys, and one day, they will share it with the rest of us!

    Visit The Fuller Fam channel here

    1. “This cam [360 Cam 2] has been a lifesaver these past several weeks while my kids have been so sick. The Nooie 360 Cam [2] offers automatic motion tracking which is awesome, it was easy to install and the app is super user-friendly, it connects easily to the Wi-Fi. This camera works great with Alexa and Google Assistant as well […].”

    A busy parent to 6 kids, Katherine is truly a super mom! Juggling between her work, her kids, and her long-distance relationship is definitely no easy task. With the 360 Cam and 360 Cam 2, Katherine is now able to watch over her kids even when she’s busy in the kitchen or at work! Not to mention, with the Nooie app and the multi-view feature, the 360 Cam series will also allow her fiance to check on the kids!

    Visit The Killen Clan channel here.

    Final Thoughts

    Were you touched and inspired by the dedication of these diligent and unwavering moms? We were, and we hope you enjoy their content. Please make sure to show them some support and love by subscribing to their channels!

    If you’re interested in being featured in future Nooie Stories, blog posts, or on our social channels, we would love to hear from you! If you have any pictures, videos, or even stories to share, please make sure to post them in our Community. Nooie would love to give you a shoutout! Visit also our Facebook page and Instagram for the latest Nooie news, community events, and specials! We hope to see you soon in the Nooie Club!