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    Nooie BTS: Winning the TWICE Award

    The Pro Cam has been a staple for many Nooie fans seeking a powerful, diverse, compact, and robust outdoor camera. With the recent release of the Solar Panel, the Pro Cam has added yet another benefit - the ability to reap the benefits of unlimited green solar energy.

    With the recent announcement that the Pro Cam earned the TWICE VIP Award for best security camera, we have turned to Richard, Marketing Director at Nooie, for a quick interview for some insights into the product.

    Let's find out what exciting plans are in the works for the Nooie Pro Cam in the near future!

    What inspired the concept of Pro Cam?

    Richard: Through research and feedback, we learned that our customers wanted a home security camera that was compact and mobile with versatile features to meet various needs, both inside and outside the home. They were looking for portability, a wire-free device, easy installation, and a security camera that could be used in different scenarios. Whether indoors or outside, for security purposes or to watch over loved ones and pets, they wanted a small and powerful security camera with a ton of versatility. Plus, they appreciated Nooie’s warm tech design and aesthetics that many have come to love.

    What specific customer did you have in mind for Pro Cam?

    Richard: We didn’t have one specific customer in mind for Pro Cam. Instead, our objective was to meet the needs of 80% of customers who are in the market for an outdoor security camera solution. Through customer research, we knew the various pain points, so it was important for us to address each one. Most outdoor security cameras on the market are wired and complicated to install, which we’ve addressed with a wireless design that has multiple power source options. Plus, we made it extremely easy to set up based on logical user experience practices. It was more important for us to address all customer needs, rather than target a particular user.

    What are your favorite features of the Pro Cam, and why? 

    Richard: Since most of the features on Pro Cam are unique, I have many favorites. The compact form factor, detachable magnetic base, and multiple power sources are at the top of my list. These three features allow users to place and move the Pro Cam practically anywhere, which really sets us apart from others on the market. I don’t think it’s officially announced yet, but we also have new silicone sleeves in the works for the Pro Cam (click here to be notified). This allows users to easily change the color of their device to match their personal taste or their home’s aesthetic. Since Nooie has always been about beautiful design, the silicon sleeves continue to reflect our core values in delivering warm tech.

    Why was Pro Cam recognized by Twice Award?

    Richard: Every year,  TWICE Magazine hosts its VIP Awards to identify the most innovative products in the consumer electronics industry. Under the Smart Home category, our Nooie Pro Cam was chosen as the “Best Security Camera of 2022. TWICE noted Pro Cam’s compact design, 2K camera resolution, three different power solutions, its compatibility with other smart home devices such as Google Assist and Amazon Alexa, and its unique detachable magnetic base design, which allows it to be conveniently placed anywhere. Knowing how talented and hardworking our team is, it’s a true honor to receive such an award from TWICE.

    How does the Twice Awards impact a brand? Why is this valuable for Nooie and our customers?

    Richard: As the leading trade publication in the consumer electronics industry, TWICE Magazine is the authority when it comes to identifying brands and products. The biggest retailers in the world, from Best Buy to Target to Walmart, turn to TWICE for industry insights. The fact that TWICE recognized our Nooie Pro Cam as the “Best Security Camera of 2022” really validates why we created the product. It tells us that we conducted the right research, that our concepts and features were on point, and that our product design and creative intuition really made sense.

    Final thoughts:

    Congratulations to all winners of the 2022 TWICE Award!

    While winning the TWICE Award seems to be a great milestone for Nooie, it has only ignited their passion to keep designing solutions for all Nooie fans and consumers alike. The Nooie Team is forever grateful for all of your loyal, continuous support for our cameras and solutions, and we hope to keep making smart, functional, and innovative products for many years to come. If you don't already own our Pro Cam, please feel free to check it out on our main page.

    Did you enjoy short interviews like this with our team? Please feel free to let us know if you’d like to see more of this in the Nooie Club! Make sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram for more exciting things that we have planned for you in December!