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    Nooie @ CES 2023: Breakfast with Nooie

    We invited some of our favorite media outlets, influencers, and content creators to join us at a special breakfast during CES 2023, the largest consumer electronics trade show in the world. The Nooie team arrived in Las Vegas earlier this week to prepare and soak in the sights and sounds of CES. Follow us as we take you through this breakfast event while also giving you a sneak peek at a couple new Nooie products in the works that will be launching this year!

    We know you’re excited to take a look at our upcoming releases. Take a look at the new smart home lineup from Nooie for 2023!

    Nooie Robot Vacuum

    Some of you probably have already heard that we will be releasing our first-ever smart robot vacuum! The slim and sleek body of the Nooie Robot Vacuum will be sure to be a great addition to any household or office. The Nooie Robot Vacuum has a built-in 1.3L dustbag, which means you can use the vacuum for a longer period of time without needing to frequently empty it. The 5,000pa ultimate suction power and the Anti-Hair Wrap Bristles also make it a power cleaning companion to have around the house if you have pets running around. Map and customize your no-go zones and watch it go!

    Nooie Air Purifier

    Air quality is so important, especially with the pollutants and irritants such as pollen and dust floating around. The US EPA has reported that indoor air is five times more polluted with pollutants than the outdoors due to poor circulation. If you have family members who have asthma or any respiratory complication, the new Nooie Air Purifier is essential for your home. With the Air Purifier, you can now remove up to 99.7% of these irritants, therefore, providing you with cleaner, breathable air.


    Final Thoughts

    Are you excited about upcoming releases? The Nooie R&D department has been busy innovating new solutions to expand the Nooie ecosystem. We have already sent out some of our final prototypes to our verified product testers for further testing before our official release. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Instagram for our launch, updates, and new events!

    Nooie also has special product testing opportunities within our Community! Join us over there with thousands of other Nooie fans to stay updated on these opportunities! See you there!