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    "this doorbell is worth taking a good look at," Says Nerd Stash of Doorbell Cam

    Hi Nooie Fans!


    Our Doorbell Cam was featured on The Nerd Stash and was given their "Great," designation a 4/5 stars!  Check out the clips below and the full review on the Nerd Stash website.  Thanks Nerd Stash!



    "The Nooie Cam Doorbell is one of several options when it comes to keeping an eye on your front door.  When you think of camera doorbells, Ring might be the first thought, however, Nooie has developed a competitor in this industry with claims of a clear video and a long-lasting battery life that can stay charged up to 10 months at a time. Let’s take a deeper look into this product to see what it has to offer."

    "The Nooie Cam Doorbell has a 2K resolution camera with a 158-degree field of view for larger and clearer images containing twice the pixels of the 1080P cameras.  The camera performed very well in testing providing sharp image quality and nice color during the daytime and pretty clear images with the black-and-white night vision which goes up to 49ft (15m) in the complete dark. One issue that we experienced was a lag in the video due to the wi-fi connection that caused a delay from time to time.  Nothing major but it was something we experienced."

    "As with most doorbell cameras, the Nooie Cam Doorbell has a two-way audio & quick response making it easy to communicate with visitors at your door.  The pre-recorded message option is nice if for some reason, you cannot accept visitors or if you want to immediately respond with an “I’ll be there in a minute” or something similar.  There are some standard pre-recorded with the factory settings. Other features worth mentioning is there is more than one option for a ringtone and there is an alarm that will keep someone from stealing it and scare intruders away."

    "The battery for this product is a 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery that is located in the back of the doorbell. It is charged with a USB-C charger. The claim from Nooie is that the charge is long-lasting and we have not had it installed long enough to truly know.  However, there are mixed reviews if you read Amazon reviews for this product when it comes to battery life.  A majority of the reviews we read did not agree with the long-lasting battery life.  You may want to do some research and decide what you think."

    "The Nooie Cam Doorbell provides some great features and seems to stand up to most of the other brands of doorbells in most ways. The wireless feature is nice, however, it might not be a “piece of cake” to get connected.  The long-lasting battery life is nice as you do not want to be charging your battery for your doorbell all the time.  Don’t we have enough things to keep charged? The price is comparable to other doorbell cams.  The different look could be a plus/minus depending on your preferences. Overall, this doorbell is worth taking a good look at when shopping for your first (or next) doorbell cam."

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