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    Our Users Are Super Creative! Check Out These Fun Ways To Use Nooie Cams

    Our Users Are Super Creative! Check Out These Fun Ways To Use Nooie Cams

    People get pretty creative with their Nooie smart cameras. Check out these ways that people use their Nooie smart cameras creatively.

    What do you get when you cross a door camera with a bird feeder?

    To make that connection, you probably need to be pretty creative, and customers who own Nooie Smart Cameras have proven that they are! Every day, real people are hacking technology and creating their own solutions to real-world problems. A lot of those solutions start with Nooie Smart Cameras! 

    Creative Nooie customers have used their smarts to create bespoke mounts that have improved their lives in unexpected ways! It goes to show that, when it comes to Nooie cameras, the possibilities are endless! 

    Here are a few creative ideas that have come from real Nooie Smart Camera customers. Read on to find some inspiration for your own creative projects! We can't wait to see what you will create with the Nooie outdoor, 360 view, and indoor camera

    The Traveling 360 View Camera

    Nooie's 360 view camera is already versatile. It uses motion-tracking technology to capture the action as it's happening. Our customers love the way that it automatically pans and tilts to capture movement. 

    One customer was not satisfied with a 360-degree view, and they took matters into their own hands! Before, the customer had mounted the camera in one position in their workshop. While the camera was able to capture incredible HD footage, the customer felt limited by mounting it in a single location. 

    In response, he used a magnet from a computer hard drive to build a custom mount for the camera. The strong magnet helped keep the camera in place but allowed him to move it around his workshop to capture different views, as needed. The shop is full of cast-iron surfaces, meaning that the customer found he could mount the camera almost anywhere

    He even found a way to use the magnet to mount the 360 camera from the ceiling, to provide a different view! The flexibility of the original mount means that any magnetic surface has become fair game! Now the customer can keep a close eye on every corner of his workshop. Check out his handiwork here. 

    The Stylish Outdoor Nooie Camera

    For some customers, aesthetics are important. While theNooie outdoor camera has a sleek, clean look, we understand that it may not be every customer's style. When it comes to the outside of your home, there's no shame in wanting to match the camera to your house! 

    One customer dressed their outdoor camera up in a metallic wrap to match the color scheme of their garage! They began with the white Nooie Cam and then created a custom metallic chassis. You can hardly recognize it after its shiny makeover!

    This has the added benefit of providing some camouflage for the outdoor camera. It's a great way to keep things both cohesive and inconspicuous! 

    With or without the upgrade, the customer's favorite security camera is still able to provide HD footage, two-way audio, and an alarm for added security. It captures clear video, regardless of lighting conditions. The only difference is that now it looks good doing it! 

    The Birdwatcher 

    When is a doorbell camera not a doorbell camera? When it's a super sneaky outdoor bird-watching camera! 

    One nature-loving Nooie customer used their motion-activated 360 view camera to create a motion-activated nature cam. They followed in the footsteps of Cornell University scientists, who have their own FeederWatch Cam! We're willing to bet this one was easier to maintain and a lot more affordable! 

    All they did was use a zip tie to attach the camera to a tree branch using a reusable zip tie. Because the camera is weatherproof, it does just fine as a silent observer in the tree! 

    All the customer had to do was set up a bird feeder and wait. The 360 camera captured high-definition footage of the birds, which was automatically saved on the cloud. Because it is motion-activated, the camera didn't miss a single visitor!

    This sneaky tree-mounted camera has the added benefit of providing surveillance. If any sneaky squirrels come and try to steal from the backyard birds, the customer knows right away! 

    This creative use for our camera has already inspired other customers to set up their own feeder cams! Our heads are spinning with other applications for our 360 view cameras! How about setting up a camera near a nest, rabbit's burrow, or local pond? 

    If you love nature, the only obstacle is your creativity! It's great to know that something as simple as a zip tie can keep our cameras in place for a good, long time! 

    Gravity-Defying Nooie Smart Cameras

    Many of our customers rent or lease properties, and may not have the option of drilling into their brickwork to hang a camera in the ideal spot. This might have stopped some customers, but one creative Nooie user found a simple gravity-defying solution. 

    The customer purchased a basic suction cup bracket and affixed it to their 360 view camera. They were able to use the suction cup to secure the camera to the glass of their exterior window, just below the brick. The customer reports that the camera has been in place for months without any issues! 

    Other customers with challenging property rules have already created their own gravity-defying window mounts in response. A little clever problem solving has made life easier for Nooie fans in every kind of domicile! 

    When asked about how they got the cable inside of the house, the customer said they didn't have any issues. They fed the cable into the gap while the window was still open, then shut it as normal. It's great to know that such a seemingly simple solution is really as simple as it looks! 

    The Nooie Door Camera Has No Limits!

    Our customers have come up with many creative ideas to use and hang their Nooie door camera. Whether they are keeping a close eye on a workshop space, or taking a census of the local birds, they have made Nooie Smart Cameras work for them! What kind of creative project will you come up with? 

    If you have found a creative use or solution involving your Nooie Cam, we'd love to hear about it! You can post your best Nooie project toour Facebook page.

    Don't have a Nooie camera yet?Visit our shop and choose the camera that's right for you. We can't wait to see what creative uses you will come up with!