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    Nooie Makes Home Security a Breeze With Our Doorbell Cam

    Nooie Makes Home Security a Breeze With Our Doorbell Cam

    How Homeowners Can Benefit From a Nooie Doorbell Camera

    Smart home doorbells are quickly growing in popularity due to their many benefits. This is why the Nooie Doorbell Camera is the best for home security.


    Owning a home can be stressful. You've got a mortgage to pay, potential renovations to make, and rooms to furnish. You might have kids or pets who truly make your house into a home.

    If there's one thing you shouldn't have to worry about, it's protecting your home in the midst of life's chaos. Safety isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. Luckily, safety is Nooie's top priority. 

    The Nooie doorbell camera is designed to make your life safer and easier. As far as smart home doorbells go, Nooie has the best. 

    Read on if you're interested in knowing the benefits of having a doorbell camera and how Nooie can protect your home. 

    Best Stress Relief Device: The Nooie Doorbell Camera

    Having an elite home security system can infinitely enhance your life. Many of its positive attributes go far beyond simple home security. You'll find that the Nooie doorbell camera is the best device for stress relief more than anything.

    Home Security

    Home security is a broad topic. For some people, this means protecting yourself from burglars or intruders. But home security might also extend to your neighbors as well. Here, we'll consider both instances of home security.

    For Yourself

    When you buy a doorbell camera, you're buying another line of defense for your home. Most burglaries occur between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. because this is when most people are at work. 

    If you have a doorbell camera, you're less likely to have a burglary while you're not home. And, if one does occur, you have a device that can either catch them in the act or alert you of their presence so you can call the police.

    For Your Neighbors

    You'd be surprised how many times a doorbell camera on your own home might also help keep your neighbors safe. If you have the right kind of doorbell camera, it can keep an eye on your neighbors' homes too.

    This is convenient in more ways than one. Something that makes neighborhoods as safe as possible is a sense of community. This acts in a similar way to having a Neighborhood Watch. 

    When you have your neighbor's back, they'll have yours. Using a doorbell camera could help foster better safety for everyone.

    Deter Package Pirates

    An estimated 23 million Americans have had a package stolen from either their porch or mailbox. Porch pirates are an ever-growing problem now that online shopping is all the rage. 

    Having a home safety measure like a Nooie doorbell camera can help you keep porch pirates away. If your sensor lets you know that a porch pirate is approaching, you can even use your own voice to scare them off. 


    Sometimes, having a doorbell camera is just plain convenient. Picture this: you're a mother at home with a napping child. It's the first chance you've had to sit down all day and you're hungry, so you order food.

    The last thing you want is for your delivery driver to knock or ring the doorbell. If your child wakes up, it's game over.

    With a doorbell camera, you can leave a note on the door that says, "Baby sleeping. Don't knock." Then your doorbell camera sensor will let you know when the food has arrived.

    This is just one example of how having a doorbell camera has other benefits besides its added safety, but there are many more. 

    Communication with Visitors

    If COVID has taught us anything, it's that sometimes we have to get creative when we communicate with others. A Nooie doorbell camera is great because if someone's on your porch you can talk to them and they can talk to you.

    Around the holidays during COVID, a doorbell camera was a great way for people to drop off presents or food and celebrate together. 

    This contact-free communication is also good for if you've got the sniffles and a friend wants to drop off chicken noodle soup and say hi. Or, it's good for when you're not home and want to explain to your visitor why. 

    Monitor Your Home from Wherever You Are

    The best part about having a Nooie doorbell camera is the fact that you can keep an eye on your home from wherever you are in the world. House sitters are great for picking up the mail and feeding the pets while you're away. But there's no sense of security like seeing your home for yourself. 

    Features You Want in Your Smart Home Doorbells

    Now that you know all of the benefits, let's discuss what features you should look for in a doorbell camera. You'll find that Nooie's doorbell camera encapsulates all of these important features.

    Field of View

    Having an expansive field of view is essential. The more your doorbell camera can see, the safer you are. The Nooie doorbell camera's field of view is 158 degrees. 

    This range ensures that you can see everything you need: porch pirates, intruders, or visiting family members.


    Nooie's smart home doorbell has 2K resolution. This higher than high def resolution means that you can see everything clearer and bigger. 

    IR Night Vision

    If a doorbell camera doesn't have quality night vision, it's a waste of money. You want to be sure that you're safe around the clock.

    Nooie's doorbell camera has 15m (49ft) night vision.

    Battery Capacity

    You want to make sure that you never miss a moment of coverage. To be sure, you'll need your device to have great battery capacity. Nooie's doorbell camera has the largest battery capacity on the market. 

    Customizable Sensor Alerts

    Sensor alerts tell you when someone has stepped onto your property. But they're even better when you can customize the distance at which you receive sensor alerts. 

    Nooie's doorbell camera has Zone 1 (6 feet), Zone 2 (10 feet), and Zone 3 (20 feet). These allow you to choose how much sensory alert coverage you want. 

    Anti-Theft Siren

    An anti-theft siren prevents someone from stealing your doorbell camera. It includes a locking mechanism and an alarm siren. The Nooie doorbell has this important feature. 

    Choose Nooie to Protect Your Home Today

    So what are you waiting for? Start protecting your home today with the best doorbell camera on the market: the Nooie doorbell camera.

    Nooie keeps the safety of your home in mind with this wonderfully crafted device. Here at Nooie, we believe that smart home doorbells are the best way to ensure home protection.

    Contact us today so that you can breathe easy about your home's safety!