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    Nooie Security Cameras: Privacy Is the New Luxury


    Nooie Security Cameras: Privacy Is the New Luxury

    How personal information and technology security is the new luxury in technology and consumer products and how Nooie embraces security in their technology.

    By the Nooie Staff

    Third-party data trackers. Unencrypted. Hacked.

    These are the words nobody wants to hear when it comes to their internet privacy.

    With new smart-home technology popping up everywhere, protecting your privacy can feel overwhelming. It's important for consumers to know how to keep themselves safe from hackers and keep their private data truly private. With the recent security breach in Ring Camera’s we wanted to address how we at Nooie approach security.  

    Nooie understands how important it is to keep yourself and your family safe. Nooie's home security cameras, like the Nooie Doorbell Cam, will help you stay safe in your home and keep your data private and protected.

    Smart home technology, like doorbell cams and in-home security cameras, are vital for keeping the modern family safe and connected. But as more products and companies request access to our data, privacy becomes a luxury.

    Whenever you add more devices to your smart home lineup, be sure to know how the makers of your products are protecting your privacy and security.

    Read on to learn what to look for to keep your family's personal information and data safe and secure.

    The True Cost of Being Connected

    Between social media, online shopping, and new tech devices, the internet of today has us constantly connected. Many of the things we do online and the devices we use to do them are even considered necessities by today's standards.

    As we immerse ourselves in the online world, though, we're also sharing personal information and sensitive data. Every time we hit "accept" or "I agree" at the bottom of a privacy policy, one more company is granted access to this information.

    What exactly are we agreeing to? Actually, the average American probably couldn't tell you.

    In fact, when Pew Research asked survey participants if they fully read all the privacy policies they sign, only 9% said they did. And more than one-third of the adults surveyed said they never read the privacy policies they encounter.

    With the complicated language, tiny print, and lengthy clauses in these contracts, it's no surprise most of us don't have time to read every single one we see.

    However, signing these documents can sometimes mean signing away our rights to privacy online. Sometimes, you're allowing companies to do more than just general information collection. Many will sell your information to third parties, track your GPS location, or track your IP address.

    How Privacy Became a Luxury

    So what's a person to do? To simply protect yourself and your family, do you need to do a deep dive into every privacy policy you sign?

    Well, that might be the best place to start. But even reading the full terms and conditions won't always get you far. Understanding the legal terms and implications of these contracts can be difficult, to say the least.

    The good news is that many organizations are fighting to increase consumer protections at the state and federal levels. But until that happens, it seems that access to true online privacy might come at a serious financial cost.

    In fact, with the issue of online privacy becoming so prevalent, there are actually a number of companies working to keep you safe. But to afford the services that can really protect you, you'd have to pay a price. Can you really keep track of all the places that have your data? 

    For starters, free services often afford to offer consumers a product, like an app or web service, by selling customer data to third parties. Alternative services that better protect data are usually priced higher.

    One great step towards enhanced privacy is encrypting data, from the emails you send daily to the documents stored on your computer. Additionally, you'd want to use a company that offers disposable email addresses and credit card numbers, to keep this sensitive data secure as well.

    Of course, services like these come at a price. The more you do online, the more protection you'd need to pay for.

    Obviously, not everyone can afford these online security tools. This turns online privacy into a luxury. Nooie wants to make it easy for our customers to feel secure without having to take extra steps.  We want our customers to know that we consider their privacy a luxury that we preserve for them.

    To help lower the barriers to privacy, use products and services from companies you trust. Choose those that are putting their customers first, rather than the profits they can make off your data. At Nooie we put your privacy first. 

    How Nooie Is Protecting Your Privacy

    Nooie's smart home security cameras are made to protect not just your home, but your privacy as well. Our warm technology philosophy means we desugn products meant to fit seemlessly into your home decor. At the same time we want our users to feel safe using our products in their safe spaces.  

    Nooie wants to make smart living more accessible. That includes making information security and data privacy more accessible as well.

    When you use Nooie's cameras, you can choose to store captured videos on your own micro SD card or our cloud service.

    We use Amazon Web Service (AWS) to secure and encrypt all our user's data. AWS complies with the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Security (CJIS) standards.

    All of our data transmission happens with HTTPS encryption, too. This means your personal information is secured in our servers, and can't be accessed by third parties.

    You can be content in knowing your data is safe with us. Any time you stream your camera's feed to your phone or mobile device, it is protected with layers of security.

    Plus, Nooie never sells our users' data or monitors your videos. Anything on your camera is for your eyes only.

    Protect Your Home with the Nooie Doorbell Cam

    The Nooie Doorbell Cam is an affordable and safe way to protect your home and your family. It lets you keep tabs on who is at the door and talk to visitors without face-to-face interaction.

    Our camera uses passive infrared technology, or PIR, to monitor motion near your front door. You can even customize the sensitivity of the motion sensors to what works best for your household.

    With high definition quality and night vision, you'll always feel safe in your home. Plus, you can monitor your space when you're away, too.

    Videos captured on your doorbell cam are never accesible by Nooie and are encrypted on our Amazon servers, keeping your data protected.

    For more information about Nooie's Doorbell Cam and our other products, check out our Explore page.