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    Phandroid Features Nooie Doorbell, Indoor & Outdoor Cam in Exclusive Roundup

    Hi Nooie Fans,

    We are pleased to have our Indoor, Outdoor and Doorbell Camera's featured on Phandroid.  You can read the highlights right here below.  Thanks Phandroid team!

    The Entire Nooie Team,

    "Since that’s quite a bit more than I wanted to spend, I started looking for a system with an optional monthly plan while also allowing me to record video feeds locally so that I didn’t have to rely on the subscription service if I didn’t need to. This you’d allow me to no only save money, but also have video footage from the cameras if my home internet service cut out. I the end, the Nooie Cam Doorbell and a few of their indoor and outdoor security cameras seemed like the perfect match for what I was looking for."

    "While I’ve seen video doorbells for the better part of a decade at trade shows and friend’s houses, having one installed at my own house was quite exciting. The doorbell camera worked flawlessly, alerting us when USP or FedEx dropped off a package without ringing the doorbell, capturing random cars using our driveway to turn around, or even tracking the neighborhood cat that apparently likes to jump up onto our porch every morning and sit in the sun."

    "Video quality from the camera is fairly impressive. The wide-angle camera allows our entire front porch to be recorded, capturing a person’s face even if they are standing within 18-inches of the doorbell. The 2k video revolution isn’t the highest available from a video doorbell, but it’s certainly crisp enough to make out a person’s facial features when they are 10-15 feet away. Like most other doorbell cameras, Nooie also includes a night vision mode which switches over the monochrome video capture when lighting conditions aren’t ideal."

    "The Nooie Cam Outdoor includes all those same features but adds waterproofing and a siren to ward off anyone who might be seeking around the outside of your house or if you want to scare off porch pirates from stealing your Amazon deliveries. The final addition is IR video capture at up to 15 meters so that you have a clear view from the camera when it’s completely dark outside. Of course, those extra features will set you back $59.99 which is quite a bit more than the basic indoor camera."

    "Getting both of these devices set up was a breeze with the Nooie app. All you have to do is figure out where the best placement is for each. The cable for the Nooie Cam Indoor is only 3.5 feet long, so you’ll need to make sure your camera placement is fairly close to an outlet. The Nooie Cam Outdoor cable is about 10 feet, but you may need an extension cord if you don’t have a well-placed outlet."

    "The Nooie products do have room for improvement, but for the price, it’s hard to complain. Nooie’s devices are significantly cheaper than competing products and being able to store your video files locally rather than being forced to purchase a monthly subscription will have you thousands of dollars over the years. If you have the money to spare or need the additional bells and whistles offered by Ring or Nest, that’s an option. But if you just want something simple without the hassle of another monthly subscription, the Nooie Can Doorbell and security cameras will get the job done."