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    Dad’s Are Handy, Aren’t They? (Maybe even more than Moms?)

    Dad’s Are Handy, Aren’t They?

    (Maybe even more than Moms?)

    Father’s Day is approaching and it's time to honor Dad’s.  Whether it's helping around the house, helping with homework, or just being there - Dad’s are super handy!  In fact there may be some things Dad is more handy at than Mom - dare we say it. Nooie is kicking off two-weeks of Dad appreciation to help honor Dads and see if we can see if we can answer if Dads truly are as handy as Moms - or maybe even more.

    Are Dads more handy than Moms?  Can we even compare them? It's one of the age old questions, like was the chicken before the egg. Maybe we can help settle the question once and for all! We have created a list of some of the things we think Dads are super handy at.  We would love your feedback on what you think of our list and also what things you think your Dads are super handy at.

    Our list of things Dad's are handy at:

    -Roughhousing with the kids



    -Playing video games

    -Killing bugs

    -Dealing with injuries

    -Pool diving

    -Science projects

    -Reading books

    -Random adventures

    -Knot tying

    -Lighting fires


    -Shoulder rides

    -Hole digging

    We could go on! What do you think our list is missing?

    Dads often don’t get enough credit for what they do so let's take a little time to acknowledge the things that Dads do best and let them know how much we appreciate them.  We have created a giveaway on our social media to encourage our fans to help give Dads some well deserved recognition as well as a discount on our best Cams for Dads for Father's Day. 

    We want you to share how you think your Dad is a “Handy Dad,” and snag a chance to win a special gift for him. For Father’s Day, we’re giving away some special limited-edition Handy Dad Mugs! Simply post a photo or video of your handy dad and tag @nooiehome #nooie #fathersday on our Facebook or Instagram.  

    Also in honor of Father’s everywhere, for the month of June we’re offering 20% off a Nooie Outdoor Cam and/or Nooie Doorbell Cam. Use promo code DAD20 on, ends June 30, 2021

    Now jump over to our social media and share a handy dad pic or story and snag this beautiful mug that will liven up his morning coffee!   Facebook or  Instagram