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    Nooie Doorbell Cam Snags Recommended Badge From IBT

    High fives!  Our Doorbell cam has received a "Recommended Badge," from International Business Times.  You can read excerpts from the review right here. Go Nooie Team! 


     "Nooie Cam Doorbell Review: The Easy Way To Keep An Eye on Your Home"

    "Nooie has a whole line of smart devices, from security cameras to light bulbs. For their latest offering, the company has modified their security cameras to work as a smart doorbell, allowing users to see what is going on outside their front doors while also communicating with any visitors."

    "Setting up the Nooie Cam Doorbell is a very straightforward process, as there are only two pieces of hardware that need to be focused on. There's the actual doorbell unit, which has a camera installed on it, and the base station. The base station only needs to be plugged into a wall outlet somewhere in the house, while the doorbell needs to be mounted on the outside of a door."

    "Nooie also has provided a number of options for installation. This includes different types of screws for wood or concrete, depending on where the doorbell is mounted. Additionally, Nooie included an angled plate so that users have the choice between keeping the doorbell flush against a wall or angled to get a better view of people standing at the front door."

    "It seems a little obvious that the Nooie Cam Doorbell is capable of being a doorbell, but there are a number of other uses outside of simply sounding a chime when someone pushes a button. The doorbell has a camera with a 158 degree view angle, a microphone and a speaker built into it to allow for detecting, talking to and listening to people who show up at your front door."

    "Along with the short video feed that activates when someone rings theNooie Cam Doorbell, the camera can be activated at any time through the Nooie app to allow users to see a live feed of what is going on. The camera has great quality, and can be set in either HD or 2K resolution. The feed isn't buttery smooth, but is certainly a high enough quality to easily be able to understand what is going on."

    "While the base station stays plugged into a wall outlet, the Nooie Cam Doorbell runs on a 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery. This battery pack pops into the back of the doorbell and uses a USB-C charger to fill back up. While this does require the doorbell to be removed from its mounting plate and taken offline to charge back up, the battery provides a long run time to reduce the amount of charging that is needed."

    "The Nooie Cam Doorbell is an easy to set up and easy to use device that works exactly as intended. Its video feed is high quality in both the day and night, and its audio is serviceable enough to use without issue. It's a little concerning that the doorbell doesn't work in weather below 30 degrees, but that's a pretty minor issue overall. If you're in the market for a smart doorbell, this is the one to go for.'

    "As a little aside at the end here, the Nooie app is probably the nicest app I have used that serves as a hub for a number of smart devices. It's minimal without making it hard to use, and offers enough settings and options to really feel like you can customize whatever device to best fit your needs. Way to go, Nooie. Keep up the nice work."