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    Nooie Indoor / 360 Cam Featured on Gear Radical's List of Best Tools for Home Office

    Hi Fans. 

    We are pleased to have our Indoor and 360 Cams added to Gear Radical's list of "38 Tools To Become A True Work From Home Pro."  Check out what the GR team had to say out our cam's!  Your support means everything to us. 

    The Nooie Team

    "38 Tools To Become A True Work From Home Pro."

    Nooie Cam Doorbell

    Working from home has made me so much more aware of people at my door. When it’s a solicitor, I don’t want to be interrupted in my work meetings. But if it’s my delivery driver bringing me some new tech for Gearadical, I want to drop everything to run up and check the front step.

    Having the Nooie Cam Doorbell on my front door has helped me do just that. The camera quality is phenomenal, it connects quickly, and can host storage locally. This means I can view past events without needing a cloud account or subscription.

    The included hub/chime is a nice touch as well. Now if I don’t have my phone, or I’m busy wrestling with my boy, I can hear the doorbell as if it were a standard doorbell.

    Nooie 360 Cam

    Working from home means being home with my family. And while I wish I could spend the daytime playing with them, I need to work.

    Having the Nooie 360 cam set up so I can check in on them throughout my day is so fun.

    I can make sure everyone is okay and see my two-year-old’s new skill without getting too pulled away from whatever productivity stretch I may be in.

    The camera quality, mic, and ability to move it, have been vital to making this work so well.

    I love having this in my house to see the main floor throughout my days working, but also to check in on my kiddo at night, see my home while I’m away, and more.