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    Doorbell Cam Snags "Recommended Badge" from iMORE

    We are so proud to announce our Doorbell Cam was awarded the "Recommended Badge," from iMore, Yeah!  We couldn't do it without you. 

    "Nooie Cam Doorbell works via an app on your smartphone, like the iPhone 12, where you'll get alerts when the camera detects people and whenever they ring your doorbell. The camera's field of view is 158°. If visitors do ring the doorbell, you can play a pre-set message or talk to them in real time with two-way audio without opening your door. You can pay for a subscription to keep your camera's recording in the cloud, which costs $1/month for 7-day playback or $3/month for 30-day playback. Don't want to pay for a subscription? Simply insert one of the best microSD cards into the doorbell instead."

    "The outdoor unit is weatherproof with an IP65 rating and houses a 10,000 mAh capacity rechargeable battery. You get two wall mounts: one flat and one at a 15-degree angle. The Nooie base station goes in an outlet inside your home; it doubles as a chime and Wi-Fi amplifier. It's compatible with both 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi."

    "I've never had a doorbell camera before, and I have to say I really like it! The Nooie Cam Doorbell does a mostly great job capturing and storing video, and alerting me every time someone comes near my door and whenever someone rings the doorbell. It's also an effective intercom, with both two-way audio and pre-set messages you can choose. Plus, it works as a conventional doorbell with an audible chime. You can set an alarm to sound if someone tries to remove your Nooie Cam Doorbell."

    "The camera does have a decent range and works in daytime or nighttime. The intercom is a handy feature, as I like being able to talk to my visitors from my iPhone. There are also two pre-set messages you can use: one tells the visitor to leave the package, the other one informs them you're coming to the door."

    "The motion detection is a little slow. For example, my mail delivery person usually just drops packages on my doorstep without ringing the doorbell. The Nooie Cam Doorbell only caught the back of her at the edge of the frame as she was walking away. Speaking of the frame, though you get both a flat wall mount and one at a 15° angle, I would have preferred a 15° angle pointing the other way, towards my driveway rather than away. Because I have to use the flat mount, I don't get the best field of view."

    "There are plenty of camera doorbells on the market, the most well-known is Ring. There are a number of different Ring models from which to choose. In fact, I think "Ring doorbell" is starting to become the generic term for camera doorbells, like "Kleenex" has become a common term for "tissue" and "Band-Aid" for "bandage". You really can't go wrong with a Ring doorbell."

    "Once it's up and running, the Nooie Cam Doorbell is easy enough to use with the accompanying app on your iPhone. You'll get an alert when someone's at your door, whether they ring your doorbell or not. You can see them live, or you can play back the footage later. If they do ring the bell, you can respond with a pre-set audio message or hold a two-way conversation with your visitor. Store the video your Nooie Cam Doorbell captures two ways: cloud subscription or microSD card."