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    Nooie Cam 360 Named Top Camera for Pet Owners by Bustle


    YEAH!  Thanks Bustle Team for adding our 360 Cam as a Best Cam for Pet Owners, we agree! 


    Thanks from the entire Nooie Team,



    "It lacks the nonslip base or heavyweight design of some of the other models on this list (it’s about 1 pound in weight), but this camera has one big feature that makes it stand out and worth your money. In addition to a motion sensor, this sound-detecting camera has a noise sensor, so it’ll pick up on any activity happening in your home. Its vertical design makes it easy to tuck away and houses a spherical camera that can rotate a full 360 degrees so you can watch your cat at any angle. It also features high-quality video imaging and has a built-in SD slot for you to add a micro SD card to in order to store data. It also has two-way audio and night vision capabilities, so you can see anything in a 20-foot view of the camera, even when the room is dark. Also unlike other models on this list, a subscription is not necessary to access the bulk of the features (though one is available that enables you to access your storage via the cloud as opposed to through your SD card)."

    According to one reviewer:"Set up my Nooie Indoor 360 Camera to check in on my [pet] while I am at work. LOVE watching and checking in on him throughout the day. I'm so thrilled to be able to not only see him but talk to him too throughout the day."