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    "Long ranging night vision at an attractive price point," Says Gear Brain of Our Outdoor Cam

    Nooie Fans,

    We want to thank the editorial team at Gear Brain for their very nice review of our Outdoor Cam.  Check out the highlights below!

    "Nooie Outdoor Security Camera is a Wi-Fi, 1080p full HD outdoor security camera with a high quality sensor which can detect either motion or sound. It comes with two-way audio, weatherproofing (IP66 rated) and UV resistance. The camera has a 107 degree field of view (FOV) and a theft-deterrent alarm which can help keep unwanted guests roaming around the outside of your home."

    "Setting up the Nooie Outdoor Cam is quick and easy. Just download the Nooie Cam app from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Once you download the app, create an account and hit the "+" sign to add a camera. Then follow the setup instructions in the app, which is simple if you have a good Wi-Fi signal at the location you plan to install your Nooie Outdoor Cam."

    "The camera has exception daytime video resolution. We found images appeared clearly, and video was crisp. The night video is very powerful and you can clearly see objects 50 feet away. However, if there are any objects close to the camera, the 12 infrared LEDs will shine brightly on them and we found could create glare. We had a shed 10 feet away from the camera and part of the shed was very bright."

    "GearBrain has tested many different types of security cameras over the years. We have examined battery-powered and wired cameras as well as indoor security cameras and outdoor security cameras. Nooie is one of the better smart security cameras we have tested when it comes to video resolution. It reminded us of Kami Outdoor Security Camera (which we just reviewed). Both are well-built and weatherproofed, but Nooie has some features that separate these two."

    "When you combine Nooie's 1080p HD video resolution with motion detection and long range night vision, it forms a nice security device for outside your home. We also like how you can store videos locally for just the cost of a MicroSD card. However, we don't like how you have to have a MicroSD card or a cloud plan to see any footage, and that Nooie doesn't even allow you 24-hour access to video without selecting one of these options."

    "Who should buy this security camera? Nooie Outdoor Security Camera is perfect for buyers who need a good outdoor security camera for night surveillance. Its 12 Infrared LEDS provide a long range night vision capability we rarely see in outdoor security cameras. If you have a big back or front yard you want to watch, Nooie is a perfect solution. Just make sure you place it where the lights may overpower something close to the camera."

    "And if you use an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled smart display as your home security controller, Nooie is a good security camera you can integrate to help protect your home. In short, Nooie offers a good solution for the person looking for a smart home outdoor security camera at an attractive price, and a solid option for anyone needing a strong night-vision solution."