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    Smart Home Security With a Smart Looking Design," says Design Milk of Doorbell Cam

    Dear Fans,

    We were honored to have our new Doorbell Cam very highly reviewed by a well respected website about industrial design and products.  They gave us very high marks for our design.  We stick to our "Warm tech," design philosophy which means we create functional products that blend in with your home decor.  Check out what Design Milk had to say in their full review. 

    The Nooie Team,

    "With the uptick of packages being stolen from doorsteps and porches, alongside a notable increase in automobile part theft, home security has become a home improvement project. One of the most active categories within the smart home realm are home security devices like the Nooie Cam Doorbell, a two-component system that stands out both for its nearly 160-degree field of view and infrared night vision, alongside a design that tastefully complements entries without bringing too much attention to itself."

    "The Nooie Cam shares the aesthetic of a minimalist smart speaker, with a tasteful earth-toned fabric covered plug-in base station designed to work as a chime, and a larger subtly speckled doorbell and camera unit with a large concave button that invites pressing. Equipped with a Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor, it works both in daylight or nighttime, sensing infrared radiation, a feature that can also be turned off to extend battery life. And thankfully the Nooie is paired with a large USB-C 10,000mAh rechargeable battery supposedly good for up to a year’s use before requiring a recharge. We’ve always taken such claims in regards to battery life with a grain of salt, as power consumption can greatly vary depending upon how many visitors regularly visit your doorstep and how often motion detection is engaged, but the battery size does seem to propose a fair tradeoff for an extended duration of use."

    "Visitors standing in front or pressing the doorbell unit activate the unit to alert by chime and/or by sending notification to connected devices by app.  The Nooie also allows for 2-way video conversations via the Nooie Home app, allowing users to safely speak without opening the door (or as often the case these days, to ask a delivery person to drop off packages while retaining a safe distance for both parties)."

    "A growing concern related to home security devices is personal stored data. An optional Nooie cloud storage plan (free as a 30-day trial) keeps data safely encrypted with plans starting at $1/month, but we’re more partial to taking advantage of the microSD card slot (up to 128GB) on the base unit."