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    New Year Home Resolution: How to Have a Smarter Home in the New Year

    New Year Home Resolution: How to Have a Smarter Home in the New Year


    New year, new home! Creating a smarter home will allow you to live happier and easier. Learn how to get started in this smart home guide.

    2022 is here. It's time for New Year home resolutions. You need the right smart home guide to get your dream home.

    Smart home market is estimated to reach USD313.95 billion by 2026. The high demand for modern home technologies is the key driving factor for the market's growth.

    A smart home has several benefits. It comes with more safety due to 24-hour surveillance. It also improves energy efficiency – you'll avoid extreme utility bills.

    Maybe you are not sure how to have a smart home in 2022. Here is a new year's home guide to give you that desired smart home.

    Consider Smart Irrigation

    It's time to switch from the traditional gardening methods. Protect your landscape by adopting smart irrigation.

    You'll only have to use data from the weather or soil moisture to irrigate. The data will help you determine the amount of irrigation your home's garden needs.

    You need several things for smart irrigation. Ensure you have modern sprinklers and nozzles. Again, get the best modern systems for water conservation.

    Smart irrigation is one of the most money-saving smart home trends. Compared to traditional irrigation, smart irrigation saves a lot of water.

    It'll also improve the style and appeal of your home's landscape design.

    Consider Smart Thermostats

    2022 shouldn't be a year with home air conditioning problems. At times, traditional HVAC systems may fail.

    Poor air conditioning will reduce your home's indoor air quality. Don't risk suffering breathing problems. Consider smart thermostats.

    These are the latest smart home trends for controlling air conditioning. With this technology, you'll be able to regulate your indoor temperatures.

    WI-FI thermostats are very convenient options. You regulate your indoor temperatures from anywhere around your compound.

    This technology will give you a comfortable home. It will also save you from high electricity bills.

    Consider Geofencing

    This is a virtual boundary for your home. With your smartphone or laptop, you'll easily know when there's a new device in your compound.

    You can either use GPS, WIFI, or RFID for your geofencing. All you need is to connect your mobile app with the geofence.

    There are ways how geofencing can make your home smarter. It will help you effortlessly arm your security system.

    You can also set reminders with a geofence. You will not forget to go shopping, do laundry, and do other house chores.

    If you have a tight schedule, a geofence can help you. It will start the vacuum cleaner and other appliances for you.

    Geofencing will give you a more convenient home.

    Consider Smart Locks

    These are key smart security systems to install in your home. There are many best smart locks you can buy for your home in 2022.

    You can easily customize this home technology. So, it guarantees you maximum convenience

    You don't have to carry your keys everywhere you go. You'll only use a voice command, fingerprint, or entry code.

    There are key features to consider when choosing this home technology. One of them is connectivity. Smart locks should allow Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity.

    The other feature is tracking. A good smart lock should track anyone coming and leaving your house. Also, don't install a smart lock that doesn't allow access limitations. Here, the code is limited to a set period.

    This smart home trend will give you peace of mind. You'll not have to worry about losing keys or even burglars breaking into your home.

    Smart Home Lighting

    It's time to think about smart lighting for your home. There are ways of installing smart lighting in your home.

    One of them is using smart bulbs and switches. They allow Bluetooth or WIFI connectivity. You can use voice control to turn your lights on and off.

    Use a digital assistant like Google Home to control your smart lighting easily.

    Colored bulbs with Philips Hue are also good for smart lighting. They will improve your mood.

    Philips Hue LED strips can also give you smart lighting. However, you need a good budget since they're quite costly. You can also consider Nooie Aurora for smart home lighting.

    Install Smart Home Cams

    Smart home security cameras are also the latest trends to improve your home in 2022. Installing a smart home camera will deter criminals and give you peace of mind.

    You'll enjoy the 24-hour surveillance of your home. With this technology, you'll not have to spend money on hiring home guards.

    A good smart home camera has several features. One of them is the resolution. Go for a camera with the highest resolution – 1080p resolution.

    A smart cam should also have image intensifiers. This will help you easily see images in low lights, especially at night. The camera's storage space also matters. Don't install a cam limited to local storage alone. Consider cloud storage.

    There are other features to consider – motion sensing, rain resistance, power source, and field of view.

    Finding the best smart security cam may be challenging. At Nooie, we have the best smart security cameras for your home.

    Buy Smart Speakers

    It's time you replace your old sound systems. Buying a smart speaker should be a part of your new year home resolutions. Smart speakers don't produce a lot of noise. They can improve your mood and overall mental health.

    They are the best if you live alone. You can customize a smart speaker to suit your needs.

    If you live alone, forgetting to do some housework can be common. With a smart speaker, you can set automatic reminders.

    Smart speakers don't have music limitations. With a simple voice command, you can play any music you want

    Smart speakers have digital assistants. These will keep you away from loneliness and stress.

    With a smart speaker, you can easily connect with friends and family. Consider Nooie Smart Plugs and Nooie Smart Strips to connect with your smart speakers.

    You Now Have the Best Smart Home Guide for 2022

    A smart home means a comfortable and safe life. Don't begin your new year without adopting these latest smart home trends.

    This smart home guide will help you find the best home technology easily. Take time to research the modern smart home trends to avoid wrong decisions.

    Do you desire to have a smart home as we start 2022? At Nooie, we aim to transform your life with Warm Tech.

    Contact us today for more information.