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    5 Holiday Safety Tips To Help You Sleep at Night & How Nooie Can Help

    5 Holiday Safety Tips To Help You Sleep at Night & How Nooie Can Help

    The holiday season may be full of cheer, but it's also a time of increased theft. Use these five holiday safety tips along with your Nooie camera and sleep well.

    Holiday music fills the airwaves, neighborhoods are decked out in bright lights and holiday cheers, and shopping malls are bustling with activity. The holiday season has arrived!

    When you're busy checking things off your "To Do" list, thieves are trying to find a way to fill their shopping carts.

    Thefts and break-ins rise dramatically during this time of year. Although the insurance may compensate for some theft, a scenario like this will put a damper on your mood.

    So, to prevent your home from becoming a crime statistic, we've compiled a list of 5 top holiday safety and Nooie Cam tips.

    1. Keep Your Holiday Plans Offline

    One of the holiday personal safety tips is to never post your travel plans on social networks.

    Posting where you are going, which hotel you will be living in, and when you will be back will only make your home at target by thieves. For instance, a tech-savvy burglar on Facebook can realize that you will not be at home. There is no other better time to steal your valuables without anyone realizing it.

    Also, posting your travel photos while still on vacation is like inviting someone to come and rob your home. Don't post photos assuming that no one will know your location; photos are taken with a GPS code in each image that can give away your location.

    You also need to ensure you have proper home security in place before traveling. For instance, you can install burglar alarms to reduce the chances of theft when you are away. You can also install a Nooie Outdoor Cam to keep an eye on any area, even when away.  

    2. Notify A Trustworthy Neighbor

    If you are out of town and going on a holiday far away, you must notify a trusted neighbor. You can ask them to keep an eye on your property and report any suspicious activity.

    According to Murphy's Law, something can go wrong for travelers while on vacation. For instance, coming from an African Safari or a Mediterranean cruise can be fantastic. But everything can be ruined when you arrive home and find all your valuables are gone.

    You can also ask a trusted friend to drive by your home every day, give them a key so that they can bring your mail in, check faucets, water your plants, and feed your pets. Also, notify the neighbors about any other person who may visit your home while you are away.

    3. Hide Packages And Gifts

    One of the Christmas holiday safety tips is to keep gifts hidden from a potential burglar.

    Though wrapping gifts under a Christmas tree may look nice, it is only an invitation for thieves. You can keep your Christmas tree together with the gifts underneath away from windows.

    When you place the gifts near the window, it will be easy for a thief to see them and make them break in when you are asleep or away. Also, thieves can target gifts that are to be delivered later. For instance, when a package is left unguarded on the porch.

    To secure your valuables, consider installing a Nooie doorbell camera or any other Nooie outdoor security cameras to help you deter porch pirates. You can also enhance the security of the gifts being brought by instructing delivery people the exact location they should leave your packages.

    4. Watch Your Christmas Lights

    This is one of the most important holiday home safety tips that will make your home safer.

    During the holidays, fire hazards greatly increase. Therefore, before you decide to string light on the house or trees, make sure that the lamps are in good condition. If any lamp is cracked or broken, consider replacing it, also throw away any strands with frayed cords.

    To ensure your lamps are safe, purchase cords that an independent laboratory has tested. Also, ensure that the manufacturer's details are marked.

    Besides, before hanging the lights, read the instructions to make sure you are using them in the environment they are designed for. Also, avoid hanging them near flammable materials.

    Before you take a long winter nap, make sure to turn all holiday lights off. You can install an outdoor smart timer that will switch on and off lights at the exact set time.

    5. Inspect Your Fireplaces

    Home heating equipment like furnaces and fireplaces can ruin your holiday if they malfunction. Thus, make a holiday prep list to keep your home safe from fire by:

    • Having a professional inspect your furnace
    • Changing the air filter when needed
    • Cleaning the duct and vents
    • Hiring someone to clean your chimney
    • Ensuring the smoke alarms are functioning well
    • Curtaining your candles
    • Burning only seasoned wood in your fireplaces
    • Disposing of ashes properly
    • Not burning your Christmas tree in the fireplace
    • Ensuring carbon monoxide detector is active
    • Not using your Turkey fryers indoors
    • Not lighting fireplace with stockings hanging on

    Holidays are the most important time of the year. Thus, you must make sure your home stays safe from fire hazards.

    Use the Above Holiday Safety Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

    Holidays are the most important time of the year. Why would you let such precious time be ruined by events you can prevent in the first place? Use the above holiday safety tips if you want your holiday to be more enjoyable.

    At Nooie, we are here to make your holiday more enjoyable and safe. This Christmas holiday, we have an array of products that include new Hi-Tech security cameras for indoors and outdoors. There is no reason why you should not invest in our Nooie security cams if you want to give your home a complete security makeover.

    Contact us today to learn more how Nooie has a camera for your everywhere.