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    Do a Fall Home Security Makeover Using the Nooie Indoor & Outdoor

    Do a Fall Home Security Makeover Using the Nooie Indoor & Outdoor

    Do you want to give your home a complete security makeover? Why not try using the Nooie indoor and outdoor cameras? Learn more.

    Summer often draws spikes in trespassing and home break-ins. Yet, as the warmer months cool down, autumn poses new reasons to invest in Nooie security cams.

    Halloween, Thanksgiving, and travel are serious vulnerabilities for fall. Plus, winter rushes in with more security threats, like surging porch and mail theft.

    The aftermath is also expensive.

    According to recentFBI statistics, homeowners lose $2,900 in belongings from home burglaries and over $8,400 in vehicular theft on average. More than 65% of offenses occur inside the home. Yet, most victims never installed smart home cameras to prevent and record criminal activity.

    As temperatures cool down, don't let autumn security threats slip through the cracks. Follow this guide to safeguard your home and property before the crisp fall season.

    Halloween Security Threats to Know

    Summer typically ends during the third week of September. Before long, the streets will be filled with excited trick or treaters.

    Despite the excitement, Halloween attracts its fair share of security concerns. Like summer, the costume-clad holiday also increases crime; yet, Halloween night sees twice as much crime as the typical daily average.

    Spooky security concerns include:

    • Increase risk of harm to children
    • Heightened risk of pet theft
    • Porch theft
    • Home invasions
    • Property damage
    • Car theft
    • Vandalism (i.e., broken windows, graffiti, etc.)
    • Fire hazards from jack-o-lanterns and paper lanterns

    Nooie indoor and outdoor cams reduce Halloween security threats so kids, parents, and furry friends can enjoy the night. 

    Prep Your Home Security System for Halloween

    First, ensure your home security alarm is powered on and functioning correctly. Of course, remember to set your alarm if you're away for the night and the residence is dark.

    Some homeowners turn off their alarms to avoid false security readings from trick or treaters. However, if you don't power them back on before bed, you'll expose your home to late-night criminals.

    Next, install indoor camera equipment inside your home.

    For example, if you're going to remain upfront by the porch, install indoor Nooie cams in the back of the house too. Ground-floor window cams also catch burglars peering into the home. 

    You'll also need a camera in your main stairway, whether you're hosting a Halloween party or giving out candy alone. Basements, kitchens, and second-floor hallways also require added protection on Halloween. Don't forget to install cameras in any detached backyard apartments and sheds too.

    Move on to the home's exterior.

    Install smart home cameras in the following locations:

    • Driveway
    • Front and backyard
    • Siding
    • Back porch
    • Side doors
    • Shed, garage, and ADU exteriors

    Remember to adjust your outdoor camera angles to optimize security coverage. Plus, Nooie cameras produce crisp security night footage for up to 50 feet.

    Protect Your Pets

    Pets are particularly vulnerable to theft and harm on Halloween.

    Keep your pets inside an enclosed area for the night. This step prevents dogs and cats from bolting out the front and back door. Plus, many dogs are sensitive to loud noises.

    Secure the windows to prevent cats from slipping out at night too. You could also install a Nooie cam tomonitor your pets' safety.

    Monitor Kids' Halloween Parties With Nooie Cams

    Are your kids opting for a Halloween party this year?

    Secure the living room, den, backyard, or basement with smart Nooie cams.

    Smart home cameras capture footage inside and outside the party area. Plus, their presence alone reduces potential criminal activity.

    Parents can also monitor children's Halloween parties from their smartphones, improving response times to potential dangers. Even better, indoor Nooie cams come with infrared lights, producing up to 32 feet of crisp security night footage.

    Boost Home Security During Thanksgiving Weekend

    The next significant autumn security concern is Thanksgiving weekend.

    Common security issues include:

    • Home burglaries during vacation
    • Mail and porch package theft
    • Car break-ins during holiday weekends
    • Large Thanksgiving parties

    Are you visiting your relatives this Thanksgiving?

    Along with setting your home alarm system, install indoor and outdoor cameras.

    If you forget to turn on your security cameras, you can power them remotely from your smartphone. Plus, real-time monitoring helps spot incidences as they're happening, giving the proper authorities plenty of time to respond.

    Security cameras keep housesitters safe from potential dangers while you're away too.

    If you're not taking your car, park your vehicle inside your garage to avoid curbside break-ins. Install front and pack porch motion lights to deter people from looking into the home. Nooie cameras have built-in sound and motion detectors.

    Porch security cams also deter individuals from stealing mail and packages. Yet, in the event of a theft, you have solid evidence to show law enforcement, which stops the porch pirate in their tracks.

    Security Tips for Thanksgiving Gatherings at Home

    Traveling for Thanksgiving poses real security threats, but so does hosting family at home.

    Large Thanksgiving gatherings increase access to your home. Front, back, and side doors are unlocked; plus, unsecured windows present viable safety concerns.

    The bigger the bash, the harder it is to control guest flow. Worse yet, you may be unaware of uninvited guests in your home.

    Prepare your home with indoor and outdoor cameras in all accessible areas. Don't install security cameras inside bathrooms, as this precaution threatens guests' personal privacy. Instead, ensure bathroom windows are securely fastened.

    However, you can install security cameras facing out from windows and angle them down to capture outdoor activity on your property.

    If you can't lock your master bedroom from the outside, install an indoor camera to capture any suspicious activity when you're not around.

    Enjoy a Safe and Secure Fall Season

    Avoid home break-ins, porch theft, and safety risks to your loved ones. Start the holiday season right with a complete autumn security makeover.

    Boost Halloween and Thanksgiving safety with both indoor and outdoor cameras, whether you're enjoying the season at home or with family out of town. Optimize your security plan with sufficient lighting, alarms, and real-time smartphone monitoring.

    Discover the benefits of Nooie cam technology for you and your family. Shop for your next smart home camera, or contact Nooie today to learn more.