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    Contest: Share How Nooie Devices Make Your Home Smarter

    How to enter the contest: Share how Nooie devices make your home smarter and win prizes. Winners are based on likes and creativity. 2 winners will be selected.

    You might think we call our technology "Nooie Smart" because of the awesome tech that goes into every single Nooie Cam - and that's true! After several amazing years in the biz, we've come to realize that nobody is Nooie Smart-er than our incredible, innovative customers. To start the new year off right, we're holding a contest to allow our most clever and creative cam users to show off how our products make their homes smarter!

    From live-streamed nature cams to bespoke security systems, we've noticed all of the ways you've put our products to good use. You've got some inspiring ideas, and we want to see them! This is your chance to show off your Nooie home solutions and win prizes that can make your smart home even smarter. 

    All you need to do is show us how Nooie devices have made your life easier! Keep reading to learn about how to enter to win a Nooie cam doorbell and more! 

    How to Enter the Contest

    Are you our smartest customer? We're looking for ways in which our products are making your life easier. We're open to everything from creative uses to smart solutions - if it's smart, we want to see it! 

    Here's how to enter:

    Step One:

    Starting on Monday, January 17th, 2022, log onto Instagram or Facebook and share a photo or video demonstrating where and how you use your Nooie devices at your home. Be sure that we can clearly see how Nooie devices help make your life easier and smarter! 

    Step Two:

    Make sure to tag your photo or video so we can find it! Use the hashtags #nooiehome #nooiecamdoorbell #newyear #nooieyearresolution in your post! You can also tag us @nooiehome so we don't miss it! 

    Winner Selection and Prizes

    When choosing our winners, we'll be looking at two components: the number of likes, and the creativity of your Nooie solution. We'll be selecting two winners this time around. 

    The post with the most likes will receive a brand new Nooie Doorbell Cam, valued at $149.99! 

    The post with the smartest solution will receive a $20 Nooie Gift Card to be used toward any product in our store, plus six free months of cloud storage! 

    The contest will close on Sunday, January 30th, so you'll have two full weeks to show off your smarts! Our judges will go over every entry and announce the winners the following day. 

    Show Us Your Smarts and Win Big! 

    It's past time that we rewarded our Nooie cam fam for their dedication, innovation, and creativity! Follow the guidelines above to ensure that your entry counts. We'll be announcing our two winners on Monday, January 31st, so show us your smarts today! 

    If you don't have a Nooie product of your own yet, it's not too late! Check out our line of smart security cameras and get in on the action! After all, it's the smart thing to do!