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    Meet the New Nooie Pro Cam

    Meet the New Nooie Pro Cam

    Meet the New Nooie Cam Pro and learn a bit about some amazing hurdles we overcame and innovated just for you!

    Are you ready for a more versatile smart home security camera with superior resolution? Get an in-depth look at the innovative Nooie Pro Cam and its making!

    Did you know that property crime is much higher than violent crime in the US? While that can give you some peace of mind, it doesn't necessarily mean your household is safe and sound. In fact, you should probably step up your home security to deter thieves and catch them in the act!

    Many homeowners are opting for home security camera systems, so the market is full of choices. But we think you should turn to Nooie, especially since we're coming out with the new Nooie Pro Cam.

    Are you interested in what this security camera can do for you? Then read on for an in-depth guide!

    Proprietary Technology

    This smart home security system has everything you want and need in it. For us the hardest part was integrating the hardware, software and APP together to ensure that the end product was a seamless expereince for our users.  We know you will love it!

    First of all, it uses a passive infrared (PIR) sensor to detect any heat energy in the area. If it picks up on something, then it'll perform the necessary actions, such as notifying you on your Nooie app.

    It also has proprietary body detection software that ensures your camera system won't alert you constantly because the wind's rustled your plants or if your pets are running around. It'll reliably detect people whenever they're in range.

    In addition, there's a secure 2-way audio system that utilizes a peer-to-peer (P2P) connection between the camera and your phone. This means you'll be able to seeand hear everything that's going on, and you can communicate with whoever's on your property if necessary.

    Great Design

    You won't have to worry about your home security cameras sticking out like a sore thumb. The Nooie Pro Cam was designed in mind to be less intrusive and more inconspicuous. In fact, we've taken a page from Mother Nature to bring you a product that truly blends in with your property. We use clay colors because we want to match exterior colors, with earthy tones, we believe it will blend into any part of the outside or inside of the house we took the time to add a design features that mimics a natural speckle effect and worked with many vendors who ensured our design was also fire resistant and waterproof

    The Nooie Pro Cam is also nice and compact, so it'll fit into almost all spaces.

    Not only is our camera more aesthetically pleasing, but so are its notifications. We've come up with custom audio notifications that'll grab your attention, but won't startle you. It's great if you have sleeping kids or skittish pets!

    Durable Materials

    If you're using the Nooie Pro Cam outside, then you might be concerned about what materials are used, as it needs to be durable enough to withstand weathering.

    You'll be pleased to know that for the camera housing, we use a clay-like material. It's fire-resistant and waterproof, plus it looks nice. It's a win-win situation!

    The base station is also covered with a soft textile.

    When you look at the materials used for the camera system, you'll be satisfied with both its appearance and durability.

    Excellent Camera Quality

    Long gone are the days where you look at security camera footage and everything's blurry.

    The Nooie Cam Pro has 2K resolution (2560x1440 pixels) and also has 8x zoom and night vision capabilities. That's not all either!

    This camera has a high-performance T31Z chipset and SC3335 sensor. The result? Crystal clear images and videos, as well as the capability for enhanced image processing. You can be sure that no detail goes missed with this security camera!

    High-Quality Night Vision

    Many camera systems provide grainy images and videos when it gets dark. But you can trust the Nooie Pro Cam to still give you detailed results, even in the darkest of settings.

    This is thanks to its two 6k high-powered LED lights, which give it color night vision. So not only is your footage clear, but you'll also see it in color.


    With some home security cameras, you're limited when it comes to camera placement. But not with the Nooie Pro Cam!

    This camera has a unique magnetic mounting bracket, which allows you to mount the camera practically anywhere. The bracket also swivels to get you complete coverage of the area it's in. This was no easy feet!  The base design was decided over a long period of testing. We wanted the whole product to be small but also be able to see any angle, AND also we had to find a magnet that's strong enough to hold the cam but also easy enough to pull off.  As you can imagine that took a lot of design finesse - but we pulled it off!

    There are also 3 power solutions for the camera: battery, wired, or solar panel. This opens up a world of possibilities to power your camera system so you get round-the-clock coverage, without fear that the battery's dead.

    If you choose the battery-powered option, it'll come with a lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) battery. Not only does it charge up fast, but it also has higher energy density. It can run up to 3 months before it needs to be recharged!

    Real-Time Alerts

    If you want to monitor your property at all times, then you'll want to know right away if there's an intruder. The Nooie Pro Cam utilizes its proprietary motion detection software and sends your phone alerts if it detects anything that's awry.

    This will allow you to take quick action if your home and/or family are at risk.

    Great File Storage Capabilities

    You might want to save some images and videos as proof that someone broke in or a natural disaster damaged your property. You'll be able to do so easily, as the files can be stored directly onto an SD card.

    If you prefer to have something on the web, that's possible as well. Through your Nooie app, you can save files to the cloud so you can access them from any internet-connected device.

    Speaking of the internet, the camera system and the app are connected via wifi. However, the Nooie Pro Cam can also connect to both 2.4 and 5G bands for stronger links.

    It's Finally Here

    The journey of exploration to provide the answers for each of the technological issues and also to see the product become more and more refined and becoming a final product was so satisfying for us. Envisioning the result to encourage the team to keep going powered us through!   

    Get Yourself a Nooie Pro Cam

    The Nooie Cam Pro is a top-of-the-line home security camera system that you need for your home. Not only does it versatile and non-intrusive, but it has cutting-edge technology that'll protect your home as best as possible.

    So if you're in the market for a home security camera system, the Nooie Pro Cam is what you need. It won't break the bank either!

    While the Nooie Pro Cam isn't out yet, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy other Nooie products. Browse our selection now!

    Then tell us how you are using the Nooie cam and how to make it even better, we look forward to hearing about your journey with the Nooie Pro Cam.