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    The Benefits of Going Solar with the Nooie Cam Pro's Solar Panel Power Option

    The Benefits of Going Solar with the Nooie Cam Pro's Solar Panel Power Option

    Reasons to Go Solar with the Nooie Cam Pro's Solar Panel Power Option

    If you want an eco-friendly security camera, the Nooie Cam Pro can help. Here are reasons to go solar with the Nooie Cam Pro's solar panel power option.

    Nothing in the world is more inspiring than nature. Monet painted water lilies, O'Keefe painted flowers, and Andy Goldsworthy paints with nature itself. Can you blame the engineers at Nooie Smart for getting a little jealous?

    Artists shouldn't have all the fun! All our engineers and designers had to do was look up to come up with our latest and greatest product. Nature itself inspired not only our brand new Cam Pro but Nooie Cam Pro's solar panel feature.

    Whether you're climate-conscious, or just interested in organic design and eco-friendly tech, you will love the new solar panel power option. Still not convinced that the best art and design comes from the natural world? Our latest Cam Pro features, including two other power options, might just change your mind. 

    Whatever your reason for considering our Cam Pro home security cameras, we're pretty sure we can convince you that our new solar features alone are worth taking the leap. Keep reading to learn more about the new features, and why going solar may be in your future!  

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    What's New With Nooie Cam Pro?

    The latest and greatest Nooie Cam, the Nooie Cam Pro, is about as versatile as a home security camera gets. You can expect the same HD video quality, with some new additions that mean you can use your Cam Pro anywhere. From mounting options to power sources, to design, there's a new feature that will convince you that it's past time to upgrade your favorite Nooie Cam. 

    Three Power Options

    You already know about  Nooie's solar panel power option, which harnesses power from the sun to help you capture super clear video indoors or outdoors. The Cam Pro comes with two other power options to keep you up and running.

    The first is the traditional corded option, which allows you to plug the camera into a power source. The second is the 5,000 mAh battery, which will keep your camera running for an average of three months in between charges.

    Three months is cool, but our solar-powered option will keep your camera running until the heat death of the universe... and maybe a little bit longer. 

    Superior Camera

    Sure, 1080P Full HD is nice. 2K QHD is better. 

    That's right - our new cameras are crystal clear, with an 8x zoom, motion detection, and night vision capabilities. Needless to say, you won't miss Big Foot with this model. 

    New Mounting Options

    Our clever customers have made magic by mounting our Nooie Cams with everything from zip ties to bulldog clips. With the Cam Pro, you don't need to engineer your own solutions. Our new mounting bracket has a swivel base, and the Cam Pro is easily detached and moved from place to place with ease. 

    A Natural Aesthetic 

    We believe nature is a neutral, and our new nature-inspired design fits in almost anywhere. Whether you're matching the Cam Pro to your home decor or placing it outside, it won't stick out. It's housed in a matte, clay-like casing that's fireproof, water-resistant, and provides a surprising warmth to any environment. 

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    Why Use Nooie Cam Pro's Solar Panel?

    Even with so many new features, it's the solar power option that gets us the most excited here at Nooie HQ. When we imagine the future, why is our brain hardwired to imagine a sterile technological dystopia? We prefer a greener, utopian future where tech can help save the planet, too! 

    We hope that our solar-powered security cameras will pave the way for more eco-friendly designs as time goes on. We're excited to be leaders in climate-conscious design and engineering! Here are a few reasons why you might want to give the solar panel power option a try and join us in saving the Earth! 

    Free Is Our Favorite Price

    The battery that comes installed in the Nooie Cam Pro is pretty heavy-duty. The only battery that will provide more power is the one hovering over our heads as we speak. As long as the sun is shining, your Cam Pro will be storing power that can keep it running in perpetuity, no charging necessary. 

    Why pay to keep your Cam running when you can harness the power of the natural world? 

    It's Always on Duty

    Imagine a world in which you never have to remember to charge your phone, your earbuds, your e-reader, your laptop, your fitness tracker.

    We're not sure how soon you'll be able to charge your everyday tech using the sun. What we do know is that you won't have to worry about your safety due to waning battery life. While the sun keeps your Cam Pro charged, you will have non-stop security footage.

    How's that for peace of mind?

    Wires Are a Bad Look

    We put a lot of thought into Cam Pro's new softer, more natural look. We've tried it everywhere. There isn't a single spot where it doesn't look great.

    Nothing ruins clean design like wires, however. We think ours are pretty unobtrusive, but still. The fewer the wires, the cleaner the look.

    With solar power, you don't need to plug anything in, and there's no need to hide wires. Plus, there's no chance of tripping over the sunlight!

    The lack of wires is probably for the best. We're not sure where you'd find an extension cord long enough to reach the sun! All that to say, the lack of cords makes the Cam Pro even easier to install! 

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    Saving the Planet Never Looked So Good

    Here at Nooie, we think that it's a pretty safe bet that the sun won't be going anywhere for a while. As long as we have access to the big battery in the sky, Nooie Cam Pro's solar panel will keep you running. You can count on Cam Pro to be the money-saving, constant sentinel leading us into a greener future!

    Have you gotten your hands on the new Nooie Cam Pro yet? Visit our online store to check out our full range of products and see how our new features compare. We may be biased, but we think the brand new Cam Pro is a true work of art! 

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