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    Nooie Holiday Gift Guide - Find the Perfect Nooie Gift for Anyone in Your Life

    Nooie Holiday Gift Guide - Find the Perfect Nooie Gift for Anyone in Your Life

    Are you looking for the perfectindoor camera gift for someone in your life? Here is the Nooie Holiday Gift Guide with everything you need.

    We've all received a gift that kept on giving... and giving... and giving. Maybe it's the fruit cake that's passed from one relative to another, the candle that smells like bad potpourri, or the weird lotion set that someone bought on sale in 1993. You don't want to be the guy who first put these abominations under the tree!

    Do you know what you never see stuck in Present Purgatory? Nooie Smart Home devices!

    If you're here looking at our Nooie Smart Gift Guide, then you're already taking a step toward earning a medal of distinction in holiday gift-giving! After all, who wouldn't delight in opening a Nooie Smart Home device? The key to expert gifting is matching the right friend or relative with their perfect Nooie Smart product. 

    Luckily, we have nine brilliant pairing suggestions that can help you match all of your picky loved ones with their perfect Nooie Smart device! Read on to find the perfect present idea for the friend who has everything! With a little ingenuity and thought, you can finally give a gift that keeps on giving - this time, for all the right reasons!   

    The Nooie Cam 360 Is Perfect for Jet Setters

    Do you have a friend or loved one who travels constantly, either for work or for pleasure? They're out exploring the world as often as they're home, bringing home a large and growing collection of exciting souvenirs. Your favorite jet-setter deserves the peace of mind that they can only get by installing aNooie Cam 360 in their house to stand sentinel before they take off on their next great adventure!

    Imagine your well-traveled relative being able to keep a careful eye on the house-sitter while they're on the other side of the world! With automatic motion tracking, they'll be able to watch as they move from room to room, and send a friendly reminder when they forget to water the plants! They won't need to worry that someone is stopping by who doesn't belong, and they can supervise the dusting of their beloved souvenir collection from anywhere!

    This wifi camera captures video in 1080P HD and even includes night vision capabilities. When your loved one returns home from their journey, they can continue to keep an eye on their space, day or night. Buy Now.

    The Nooie Baby Cam Is Perfect for New Parents With FOMO

    FOMO stands for "Fear of Missing Out," and nobody has it worse than first-time parents with a growing baby on their hands! Milestones come fast and furious during a baby's first year. The thought of what they might be missing when their baby is alone in their crib is enough to keep a lot of first-time moms and dads up at night! 

    With the Nooie Baby Cam, an Alexa baby monitor, the new parents on your list won't have to miss a single smile, word, or midnight escape attempt. With night vision and crying alerts, they can sleep soundly with the knowledge that the Nooie Baby Cam captured every little thing in 1080P full HD. Because the footage gets saved on the cloud, they won't even have to wait to share all of baby's firsts with the whole family! 

    The parents on your list really can sleep soundly, too. With flame-retardant cable concealers included with this video baby monitor, there is no risk of a curious infant messing with the cords. They will hail you as the gift giver who thought of everything! Buy Now.

    The Nooie Indoor Camera Is Perfect for Influencers in Training

    Just a generation ago, recording a video was a Herculean effort that involved an expensive home camcorder that weighed about fifty pounds. You had to hook the camera up to the VCR, transfer it to a VHS tape, and hope you remembered to remove the lens cap! If there's an up-and-coming influencer on your list, why not make their lives a lot easier with the gift of a Nooie Cam Indoor

    This indoor HD camera is an excellent way for future Youtubers to practice performing for the camera. If it's the first gift they open, they won't even need to wait to record their very first viral unboxing vid! They can store their footage on a Micro SD card or the cloud so they can watch themselves again, and again, and again. 

    It's a safer step between talking to themselves in the mirror and posting videos for the entire internet to see. And who knows - you may be preparing them for one of the jobs of the future! Buy Now.

    When the future star is at school, it also makes an excellent security indoor camera for mom and dad!

    The Nooie Cam Outdoor Is Perfect for Animal Lovers

    Most animal lovers already have what they need to go bird-watching in the woods. If they can't seem to get enough of spying on the local fauna, why not give them a gift that allows them to keep on doing it, even while they sleep? 

    The Nooie Cam Outdoor includes twelve infrared lights and 50-feet of night vision action that can help your favorite animal lover keep track of all creatures great and small. They can mount it to a tree with zip ties and keep stock of a bird's nest, or see which friendly herbivores are visiting their garden for a midnight snack! 

    What's more fun than waking up to see a recording of a family of deer casually strolling across the driveway? If you give the gift in time, you might even catch Santa's reindeer in action! Buy Now.

    As a bonus, outdoor cat owners can use the Nooie Cam Outdoor camera as a pet camera and see what the slightly-less wild animals are up to, too. 

    The Nooie Doorbell Is Perfect for Online Shopping Addicts

    Do you have a friend or family member who seems to have another box delivered to the porch every single day of the week? Why not gift them with the freedom to stalk their purchases from anywhere? The Nooie Doorbell provides avid shoppers with the ability to monitor the mailbox or the stoop so they can make it home before their partner finds out they've placed yet another order! 

    This is truly the ideal gift for the person who has everything... because they already bought it for themselves! Buy Now.

    The Nooie Cam Pro Is Perfect for Your Friend on the Cutting Edge

    What do you get the friend who finds themselves lining up overnight for every new tech release and gadget? You can be one step ahead of your most connected friends and family members by gifting the brand new Nooie Cam Pro! This brand new release features a flexible magnetic mount, three different power sources (including solar power), and fully customizable notifications!

    Gifting the Nooie Cam Pro is an excellent way to surprise the tech-obsessed gadget collector in your life with the next huge release in smart camera technology!

    The Nooie Plug Is Perfect for Stressed Out College Students

    It might not seem like a big deal to cross your closet-sized dorm room and turn off your hip Himalayan salt lamp... but when your bed is also your desk, and you've been up cramming all night, those ten feet might seem very far away. Why not help the student in your life out with the gift of a Nooie Plug?

    The smart plug allows even the laziest college kid to control all of their devices from their smartphone. It's compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. It can even turn on the coffeemaker, so when they inevitably fall asleep on top of their textbooks, they can prep a pick-me-up first thing in the AM! Buy Now.

    The Nooie Aurora Is Perfect for Trendsetters

    Do you have a family member who always seems to know the Pantone color of the year and adjusts their outfit and interior design accordingly? Are they constantly collecting paint swatches and browsing magazines for trending design ideas? Have you considered sticking a lightbulb in their stocking this year?

    The Nooie Aurora Smart Bulb is one way to help the trendsetter in your life to stand on-trend, no matter what color is hot this week. This bulb is capable of displaying 16 million distinct colors and includes preset themes to set any mood! It's a perfect prop for the social media selfie-lover who loves a good color theme! Buy Now.

    There's a Nooie for Everyone!

    From influencers to new moms, jet setters to lazy college kids, there's a Nooie Smart product for everyone on your list! You can't go wrong with an outdoor or indoor camera or even a smart outlet or power strip. A Nooie Aurora smart bulb is a colorful stocking stuffer that can rival the Christmas lights on the tree! 

    Are you ready to get all of your shopping done in one fell swoop? Visit our online store to learn more about every single one of the products mentioned above!