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    What can we do to ease our pet’s separation anxiety?

    What is pet separation anxiety?

    Pet separation anxiety, as explained by PetMD, happens when a pet that is hyper-attached to its owner gets super-stressed when left alone. Although not all symptoms are destructive, they can lead to various behavioral problems and medical problems, such as dehydration, weight loss, self-injury, and others.

    What are some signs to look out for?

    Separation anxiety can manifest differently for every pet, but some of the common signs shared by many pet owners, including our own experiences, include:

    • Doing their ‘business’ outside their designated area
    • Excessive panting and salivation
    • Self-inflicted injuries - excessive self-grooming or biting
    • Restless pacing
    • Continuous howling, barking, mewing, and crying
    • Property or furniture damage

    Although these are common signs, they are not diagnoses. We recommend that you consult your local veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and obtain the best advice.

    What can we do to ease their worries?

    As pet parents, we want to do our utmost best to aid them and ease their anxiety. There is no instant remedy for this but through patience, slowly training them to adapt to their new living situation. 

    Unlikely allies that can aid in this situation come in the form of a Pet Feeder and a 360 camera. Understandably, you must be wondering why and how these two can help you. 

    How can a Pet Feeder and a 360 Camera help?

    360 cameras are not only helpful for monitoring your home and children but they can also be used to monitor your pet's behavior. The Nooie 360 Cam 2 is an example of a 360-degree rotating camera that allows you to view your entire home. 

    With its motion tracking, motion detection, and sound detection capability, you will be instantly notified when your pet is either pacing around or when it is barking or meowing excessively.

    The two-way audio allows you to communicate with your pets, letting them know that you are there. Additionally, the superior night vision of the 360 Cam 2 also lets you watch over them when you're away on an overnight trip.

    The Pet Feeder can be used as a reward tool for your pet. Place your 360 Cam 2 nearby and call out to them via the camera when they are in distress. You can then reward them with some well-deserved kibbles that you can dispense via the Nooie app. This activity not only reinforces positive behavior, but also reassures them. Plus, some pets may not eat regularly and prefer to take smaller portions each time or their appetite has decreased, you are already well-equipped to provide for them. The Nooie Pet Feeder is able to dispense fresh kibble to your pets without the worry of it going stale. You can also schedule feeding times that best suit their needs.

    Create a safe space for them!

    The Nooie Pet Feeder's box can be DIYed into a comfortable eco-cottage for cats and smaller dogs. You can spruce up the eco-cottage and add a piece of clothing that you have recently worn inside as your scent can soothe your pets!

    Get creative and engage your pets even while you’re away

    Using the Pet Feeder and the 360 Cam 2 can help take some of your and your pets' stress away by allowing you to communicate and engage with them even when you're away.

    Please do remember that your pets are not acting out due to disobedience or even out of spite. They are simply missing you and are distressed that they are unable to be by your side.

    Learn more about the Nooie Pet Feeder here, and the 360 Cam 2 here!