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    Elevate your home and office security with a Doorbell Camera

    Research has shown that most break-in attempts happen when you're not home; it's too risky for them if the home occupants are around. But unauthorized trespassing can happen at any time of the day.

    While it is not illegal to walk onto someone else's property, some will take advantage of this. As a homeowner or business owner, witnessing unauthorized entry to your home or place of work can be traumatizing, especially with the rising crime rates of today.

    If you are wondering whether a video doorbell camera can help with giving you some peace of mind whether in your absence or if you live alone, you came to the right place. Today, we will explore how a doorbell camera can help elevate your security while also keeping your parcels safe.

    Let's start with, what is a doorbell camera?

    A doorbell camera is essentially a smart doorbell equipped with a camera, like a Wi-Fi-enabled intercom for your home or office. Many doorbell cameras now are also capable of sending real-time alerts to your smartphone, notifying you if you have someone waiting on your doorstep.

    Because it acts as an intercom system, you can communicate freely with your guest (and vice versa) through the built-in speakers and mic, without ever needing to be there in person to open the door. It can be daunting to open the door, especially if it's someone you're unfamiliar with and you have no idea what their intentions are.

    While this is an extreme scenario, most often time, doorbell cameras are used to receive and better organize parcel deliveries. You’ll be the first to know when a parcel is safely delivered to your door.

    It is easy to install

    Yes, most often time it is. The large variety of doorbell cameras operates via batteries, which makes setting up much easier. The Nooie Doorbell Cam is a great choice. It’s the most aesthetic smart doorbell available that is wireless and comes with a Base Station with chime capabilities.

    The Nooie Doorbell Cam can be up and running in a few simple steps. Once you have determined where you would like to place your camera, just secure the base mount (which comes in 2 varieties) with the provided screws and attach the Doorbell Cam. The included Base Station that acts as a Wi-Fi extender and gives the Doorbell Cam its chime, can be plugged in anywhere in your home or office with a power source.

    Screens your guest + real-time alerts

    The biggest benefit of owning a doorbell camera is to determine who is at the door. Nooie’s Doorbell Cam utilizes a 3-in-1 Motion Detection System that accurately differentiates between humans and objects. Once detected, the Doorbell Cam will send a real-time alert to your smartphone.

    The 2K resolution and night vision capabilities also add another layer of security as you can accurately screen your guest before opening your door. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    Visual + audio deterrent

    It’s been found that most parcel thieves will avoid homes with a doorbell camera, especially knowing that they can easily be identified and apprehended by law enforcement. Most doorbell cameras also provide a 2-way-audio function. While the primary function of two-way communication is to organize your deliveries and greet your guests, it can also be used to scare off opportunistic porch thieves. 

    They will think twice before attempting to steal your Amazon Prime parcels.

    Valuable visual evidence

    If a visual deterrent fails, the doorbell camera is a valuable source of visual evidence. They have become an integral part of any investigation. Law enforcement can often rely on the provided footage due to the clarity of the video. 

    Works together with other security devices

    A doorbell camera compliments your existing surveillance system. While it is beneficial to own security cameras of the same brand as everything is integrated into the same ecosystem and app, it is still possible to use them individually as most, if not all, smart cameras are optimized to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

    Doorbell cameras are a cost-effective investment that can add a layer of security to any home or office space. They can provide peace of mind by making it easier to monitor who is coming and going, and they can also facilitate any delivery process. When combined with other smart home cameras and appliances, they can make your day-to-day life more efficient and convenient.

    The Nooie Doorbell Cam is a great affordable option that fits nicely in any environment. You can learn more about our Doorbell Cam here.