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    The Benefits of Having a Baby Cam

    The Benefits of Having a Baby Cam

    Being able to see your child as well as hear them can make a huge difference. Read on as we look at some of the key benefits of having a Nooie baby cam.

    When you have your little bundle of joy, no doubt one of the most important things to you is keeping them safe and protected.

    While you can't be with your baby at all times, you can keep an eye on them no matter what you're doing or where you are. How? With a baby cam!

    Having peace of mind from using a high-quality baby cam can make all the difference for first-time parents and experienced parents alike. Read on to learn some of the top benefits of having a baby cam.

    Feel Secure During Naps

    When your child is napping in their crib, having a baby monitor can make all the difference. Instead of hovering close by or staying in the room to keep an eye on them, you can simply carry the monitor around with you instead.

    Naptime is often when parents have the freedom they need to get chores done, do some work, and relax or take a nap themselves! Using a baby cam helps you to get all of this done while knowing you will be able to see and hear your baby if they wake up or need assistance.

    Do a Quick Check-In Without Waking Them

    It's not surprising that many parents feel the need to check on their baby's breathing, especially when they're first born.

    Periodically peeking in to make sure they're okay brings them peace of mind and allows them to focus on other tasks without worrying about their child. The only downside of this is the possibility of waking them up either from light shining in the room or the sound of the door opening and closing.

    The easiest way to combat this issue is by using a video baby monitor instead of entering the room. You can check their positioning and look for the rise and fall of their chest to be sure they're breathing okay.

    Stay Connected at Work

    One of the most difficult things for any parent is leaving their child in the care of someone else to return to work.

    If you have a babysitter or nanny watching your child at home, using a baby monitor to keep an eye on them while you're away can help alleviate separation anxiety.

    Talk to Your Child From Afar

    Most baby monitors let you talk to your child through the monitor. This feature comes in handy in a variety of situations.

    For example, if the baby wakes up and begins to cry when you're down in the basement doing laundry, it might take you a minute to get to them. Talking to them while you head their way will likely calm them down until you can pick them up and soothe them yourself.

    As they get older, this feature might also come in handy when bedtime comes around if they aren't going to sleep as they should be. You can give them a gentle reminder that it's bedtime without going into the room and disturbing their routine.

    Enjoy a Shower

    Along with chores and work, one of your only times during the day to take a shower might be while the baby is asleep.

    If you have an audio-only monitor, the noise of the shower might interfere with your hearing the baby. This is one instance where having a video monitor comes in handy. 

    You can take a peek periodically to be sure they're still asleep instead of worrying about missing the sounds of their cries.

    Record Precious Memories

    Higher-end baby cams like the Nooie Baby Cam allow you to take photos and record videos with HD quality.

    This feature can help you save precious memories that would otherwise be lost. Most people would agree there's almost nothing cuter than a sleeping baby. Why not use your baby cam to take a few videos to send to your friends and family?

    This often forgotten feature might just become your favorite.

    Sleep Training

    If you choose to employ sleep training to help your baby get into a good sleeping routine, using a baby cam can be tremendously helpful.

    Hearing your child cry immediately makes you think something is wrong when they're likely totally fine in reality. Having a camera to watch them through will help alleviate any anxiety and show you if they genuinely need help or if you can leave them be for a few more minutes in hopes they fall asleep.

    Creative Uses

    Why not get creative with your baby cam? If you have pets, you can keep an eye on them while you're away to make sure they aren't destroying the house.

    Even after your baby has grown up a bit, you might choose to keep the camera installed so you can check on them when they get home from school, when the babysitter is around, etc.

    There are many other uses as well that make purchasing a baby cam useful long after your baby grows. Check out this article to read about seven creative uses for your video monitor.

    Get a Baby Cam, Get Peace of Mind

    Were you wondering if you should get a baby cam? This article surely showed you a few of the countless benefits of purchasing one.

    Overall you can expect to have much greater peace of mind because you have the power in your hands to be sure your children are safe at all times. The only question now is which baby camera is right for you?

    Take a look at our Nooie Cam options and all of their enticing features by clicking here.