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    Best Uses for Nooie Cameras for Your Outdoor Areas

    Best Uses for Camera's for Your Outdoor Areas

    Security should be your number one concern when it comes to your home, but did you know that there are more security camera uses? Check out their best uses here

    A home security camera is a great addition to your house that keeps it safe from any potential threats. Scare off potential thieves when they spot your camera. Record the criminal and alert the local police force as soon as possible. 

    However, security camera uses go past just the main purpose of protecting your property. An outdoor security camera functions like any other camera, but they often come with additional features. 

    Here are some of the ways you can get more use out of your outdoor camera. 

    1. Greet Your Guests

    What do you do when someone starts ringing your front doorbell and you're upstairs in bed? Unless someone called ahead to say they were visiting, you can't be sure who it is unless you get up, go downstairs, and answer the door. 

    New doorbell technology can come with a security camera installed to help make that process easier and your home safer. Check the camera with your phone and see who it is without leaving the comfort of your bed. Some also allow two-way audio so you can speak directly to your visitors, or set a pre-recorded message. 

    The overall pandemic situation has also created new interactions at your front door to account for. Tell your delivery driver where to leave your food order and wish them a good day. If you're sick, family members can talk to you over the intercom and leave care packages within your line of sight. 

    2. Check on Your Family Members

    As much as people expect a parent to be on watch at all times and to never let their eyes wander, things will come up. Maybe your child is riding their bike on the driveway and the oven timer goes off. You may also want them to have some independent time in the yard to play with their friends. 

    Even though you won't be in their direct vicinity, you can still keep an eye on them through your outdoor security cameras. 

    Focus on your work, knowing that you can check on your child with a click of a button. Talk to them from afar if you're using a baby camera or a front door camera. 

    If you're the sentimental type, you can also take photos and record videos using your home security system. Newer cameras offer 1080p full HD video which can be stored on the cloud or a MicroSD card. There's also gamma correction and dynamic noise reduction that help improve the visuals. 

    3. Keep an Eye on Pets

    At some point, your dog is going to need to go outside. If you can't afford the time or energy to take them for a short walk, you can let them out in your fenced-in backyard. 

    However, leaving your pets outside without any kind of supervision can lead to some dangerous situations. 

    They may interact with local wildlife, such as a snake or rats. Someone might come up to the fence and agitate the dog or otherwise abuse them. Your dog may also decide to play the escape artist and manage to get out of your yard.

    If you're not outside watching them, then you wouldn't know any of this was happening. One of the best uses for outdoor security cameras is to keep an eye on your furry loved ones and make sure they're safe and happy. 

    4. Monitor Workers

    Hiring workers to maintain your yard or perform some other kind of work on your property is very helpful when you spend long hours at the office. It's important to keep up a positive relationship with them so that they don't take advantage of access to your home when you're away.

    At the same time, new workers are essentially strangers who you may not trust yet to be alone on your property. A security camera allows you to keep an eye on them throughout the day. 

    See one of them slacking off or leaving early? Tell their supervisor or speak to them directly.

    Notice one of them sneaking off with some of your lawn ornaments? Alert the police and provide your video evidence. 

    Of course, you should never record people you invite onto your property without getting their permission in advance. That alone can deter them from acting up, though. 

    5. Insurance Benefits and Documentation

    One of the most useful security camera uses is gathering video documentation for any property damage insurance claims. 

    If a natural disaster strikes your home, you can use whatever video you've recorded to provide an itemized list of any damages. Your insurance company is less likely to deny a claim if you can show how hurricane winds caused it. 

    The same idea applies to property that goes missing. An outdoor security camera may not be able to capture a burglar rifling through your things, but it'll definitely catch them carrying out larger objects. At best, you may also capture their face or vehicle license plate number. 

    You'll also find that installing security cameras can help lower your home insurance premiums. Statistics show that homes without security systems installed are three times as likely to get broken into. As such, installing them shows your insurance provider that your home is well protected. 

    On a similar note, your outdoor security cameras can protect you from a liability lawsuit if someone claims to have gotten injured on your property. 

    A Plethora of Security Camera Uses for Your Home

    Your security camera uses are only limited by your own needs and desires. Install them so your home is protected when you're away at work. Or you can use them to keep an eye on your property when you're stuck indoors. 

    Nooie provides cameras for both indoor and outdoor uses, as well as baby and doorbell cams. We make it so you can record and observe everything that happens in and around your home. You can also find Nooie smart plugs, smart strips, and smart bulbs. 

    Contact us to learn more and check out our stock online.