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    Smarten up your dorm with these four innovative and affordable tech products!

    Let’s start with the essentials. Those that make your dorm life easier, safer and more comfortable. You don’t need to break the bank to personalize your dorm room, and a smart room isn't an unreachable dream.

    But wait, what is a smart dorm room anyway?

    Smart Dorm Room

    It's really simple--think smart home, but in a room. A smart dorm room is optimized with smart essentials like smart plugs, door locks, security cameras, and more. Many college students are picking up on this trend, as the process is not complicated. It automates and simplifies certain mundane tasks, and here’s our to buy list,

    1. Smart Plugs
    2. Smart Bulbs
    3. Door/Room Security
    4. Pet Feeder (optional)

    #1: Smart Plugs

    The obvious choice. It's reliable and inexpensive and it "smarts up" your appliances. It's not magic, but smart plugs do have a variety of benefits. They are designed to save energy, add a self-timer, and allow remote control.

    Most modern smart plugs also come with a dedicated app (like the Nooie app) that allows you to control it remotely and enables Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

    Forgot to turn off your coffee maker? Pop out your smartphone and turn it off from there!

    Check out our Nooie Smart Plugshere

    #2 Smart Bulbs

    No. 2 on the checklist. Another affordable item that adds so much convenience. Similar to the Smart Plug, the Smart Bulbs are also designed to be energy efficient. You can schedule your lights to turn on/off at a specific time (instead of returning to a dark dorm room), and you can change your room’s atmosphere with the huge variety of colors available.

    Best of all, you don’t even need to get out of bed to turn your lights off, “Alexa, turn off lights”.

    Learn more about the Nooie Aurorahere

    #3 Dorm Security

    Break-ins rarely happen on campus due to strict security, but it doesn't hurt to have your own. If your campus already has a built-in smart door lock, it makes this all the more easier, but if yours does not, it's okay too.

    While you might not be able to change the lock (and forfeit your deposits), you can always get an indoor 360 camera. TheNooie 360 Cam 2 is a great choice, priced reasonably at $69.99, it offers 360 rotational view, motion tracking, night vision and others. You can also view your room in real-time if any motion or sound is detected. 

    #4 Pet Feeder

    If your campus happens to allow pets, and you’re able to bring them along your college journey, why not consider a Pet Feeder? It is easy to set up, and you can feed them remotely if you need to stay a little longer for class for that upcoming test.

    While this is optional, it is something you should definitely consider so you can effectively focus on your task at hand without worrying that your fur-buddy is going to be hungry.

    Read about our new Pet Feederhere!

    We hope we inspired you to kickstart your own smart dorm! 

    We typically don't have a lot of control over our dorm’s living space, whether it's the design or even the room layout. It's still nice to add a little personal touch, here and there, to make it feel like the room is your own. 

    Got any other tips to share? Pop by theNooie Club and share it with others!