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    Save on bills and protect the planet. Go green with these 5 simple tips at home.

    With the environmental impact of our everyday actions and the effects of climate change becoming more apparent, it is important to consider how we can reduce our carbon footprint. If you’re here reading, it is safe to say that you are keen on going green.

    What is going green?

    Going green is simply transitioning to a "greener" and eco-friendly lifestyle, to us. The definition can vary. There is no such thing as "it's too small to make an impact," as every small step can cumulatively make a big impact on our environment. 

    Now, let’s dive in on how to go green together.

    #1 Save energy (and money)

    With many of us now returning back to the office, one easy way to improve energy efficiency is to simply turn off all of your switches before you head out. Another is to simply unplug all appliances before going away for a holiday. Both of these cost $0, sounds like a good deal, no?

    You can also invest in smart plugs and smart bulbs. They are cheap and can provide a range of benefits. Rushing to work and forgetting to turn off the air-conditioner because you overslept? We are all guilty of that. Simply use the dedicated app and turn it off remotely on your smartphone.

    Check out our smart plugs and our smart bulb - Aurora. We promise it won't break the bank.

    #2 All hail the mighty sun

    If your budget permits, solar panels are a great choice. Although the initial investment may be high, it greatly offsets your household reliance on fossil fuel, which means your utility bills will be lowered too.

    However, if upgrading your whole house to run on solar makes your wallet weep, you can always opt for smart home products that offer an alternative power source. Take the Pro Cam + Solar Panel bundle is as an example. You get the best of both worlds, enhanced security minus high ultility price (and long cables).

    #3 Go paperless

    No, we don't mean toilet paper, we mean those bills and flyers. Gone are the days when physical mail was a necessity. With so many services offering e-bills and e-flyers/brochures, spare yourself the overstuffed mailbox and join the paperless movement!

    With so many places now also offering Wi-Fi, you can get and pay your bills online, anywhere.

    #4 Wait! Don’t toss them out!

    Breathe new life into your old items. The more we throw out, the more we contribute to the local landfill. Go green by repurposing some of your old items into something useful whether it is turning your old t-shirt into a table rag or turning old boxes into a pet house (like our Pet Feeder’s box).

    If you can’t figure out what to do with them, you can always organize to have a charity to pick them up and have them donated to the needy.

    #5 Commute

    Fuel prices are hiking up, why not consider commuting to work for a change? Opt to commute with your colleagues or your family members (if they are going through the same route). If you have great public transport infrastructure in your town, even better.

    If you’re a fitness junkie or can’t find the time to head to the gym, consider cycling to work if your workplace is not too far away!

    Going green isn't hard, and it certainly doesn't have to be expensive.

    Going green is a lifestyle. Adopting these new habits can start from home, and can have a long-term positive impact on our environment.

    Doing simple tasks every day like switching off your appliances or unplugging them to recycling and commuting are achievable habits that can be easily adapted into your daily life.

    Got other eco-friendly tips? Share them with us in the Nooie Club!