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    Meet the New Nooie Baby Cam

    Meet the New Nooie Baby Cam

    Every parent wants to make sure their baby is tucked safely in bed while they can't be in the room with them. Learn about the new Nooie Baby Cam here.

    If you are a new parent, you never want to miss a single moment of your newborn’s life. From smiles and laughs to cries, you want the option to see your baby at any time of the day or night. One of the best ways to check in on your child and make sure they are safe is with the new Nooie Baby Cam.

    Keep reading to learn about all the latest features of Nooie’s monitor, like crying detection and two-way audio, for the ultimate peace of mind. 

    The New Nooie Video Baby Monitor Benefits 

    You may already know Nooie for our innovative and affordable smart home cameras and products like the Nooie Cam 360°, Cam Doorbell, Smart Powerstrip, Nooie Aurora Smart Bulb, and more. Here are what cool new features you can expect from our new baby cameras

    It Comes with an App for Your Smart Phone

    You can view footage from your Nooie Baby Cam directly from your smartphone in real-time Additionally, you have the option to receive notifications if your baby begins to cry, motion is detected, and when the monitor picks up on noise. 

    The Nooie app is available to download on iOS and Android phones. You can also use Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa to give hands-free voice commands.   

    Motion Alerts and Detection Software 

    We developed our own motion detection tracking technology to improve and enhance the utility of the monitor. The motion tracking feature follows horizontal activity within the camera’s field of view and can then send alerts to your phone instantly. 

    The monitor has a 1080P HD camera with superior IR night vision. It shows an expansive 101° field of view and makes sure you can capture the whole picture. The night vision provides sharp and clear images at distances of up to 32 feet. 

    By using the mobile app you can view alerts and peer into your child;s room to always be sure who is there.  Push notifications will always keep you in the loop of who is in the room with your child.  

    Additionally, our cam app also allows users to set up notifications to sound at certain times based on noise levels and movement so that you can focus on whatever you need without disruption but still receive updates as needed.

    Cry Detection 

    Leaving your child alone is difficult, and it is even more difficult if you worry that you will not know if they are upset. Nooie’s Baby Cam can pick up on sounds like crying and alert you as soon as sounds of distress are heard. You can then open your app and check on your baby or go immediately to their side. 

    Two-Way Audio 

    Along with being able to hear your baby and anyone else in the room, you can talk directly back to them. For example, you can speak to your baby to help soothe them or sing a lullaby. If you rely on another caregiver’s help, you can also communicate with them through the Nooie Cam and App. 

    Secure Storage 

    Parents and caretakers everywhere have likely heard the horror stories of baby monitors being hacked into or hijacked, compromising the safety of your home. While these instances may not happen as often as you think, you will be relieved to know that Nooie offers safe and secure storage of footage to our secure cloud or a personal MicroSD card. 

    You can share the videos and images you store to the cloud straight from your smartphone with family or friends. The memories you save can turn into slideshows or albums. 

    Cute and Effective Design 

    The design of the Nooie baby monitor is creative and inconspicuous. Nooie devices are influenced by natural forms, delicate designs, mild, neutral hues, and ceramic-like enamels. We would like our devices to evoke a sense of warmth and blend in seamlessly with your home and nursery.

    You have the option of adding on a cute sheep faceplate. The monitor is held in place with a strong 3M double-sided sticker. It comes with cable covers as well,

    so the cord is attached securely to the wall, lowering the risk of curious hands tugging on the device and or pulling it down. 

    We truly believe the Nooie design encompasses everything regarding aesthetics as well as security. In addition, the cam is flame retardant, adjustable, and environmentally friendly. 

    Easy Installation and Setup 

    Setup and installation of your Nooie Baby Cam could not be any easier. First, download the Nooie smartphone app. Next, plug the cam into a supported outlet and wait 15 seconds (when the indicator light flashes). 

    You will then follow the on-screen directions to get your cam up and running. Next, the app will generate a unique QR code that you hold in front of the monitor to scan. A noise will alert you when everything is set up, and a solid white indicator light lets you know that you have a proper connection. 

    The app allows users to give the cam a unique name. You can use this name when using your Alexa virtual assistant to issue commands.

    See for Yourself What Sets Nooie’s Baby Cam Apart From Other Monitors  

    You cannot watch over your baby at all times. However, the Nooie Baby Cam helps you check in on your baby to make sure they are sleeping or know when they are crying. Our smart monitor has top-of-the-line features designed to bring security and peace of mind.

    Come to our site to see our full range of smart home products and to see why Nooie is trusted and admired by so many customers around the world.