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    Nooie Halloween Baby Party: How To Enter

    Does your baby have the cutest Halloween costume? Show off you and your baby's Halloween spirit for a chance to win Nooie products during our exclusive live party on October 29th!

    No tricks this Halloween, just treats! The treats are on us with our fabulously spooktacular Nooie Halloween baby party and contest. 

    Dressing up is one of the highlights of Halloween. Have you picked out your baby's Halloween outfit yet? We want to see your tiny person all dressed up and ready for a spooky celebration in their finest Halloween baby clothes. 

    There are only three steps between you and the awesome prizes up for grabs. Are you ready for some Halloween fun? Here's what you need to do:

    Step 1 - Register

    Space is limited for this exclusive party so hurry up and fill out this registration form.  You must have a baby or small child 5 years old or younger who is not afraid to strut their stuff.  

    Step 2 - Receive An Invitation

    We will review all registration applications and send those selected for the party an invitation with the details on how to join us via Zoom for this awesome event, now that the easy part is done - here comes the hard part - deciding on what to dress your little cutie up as, a bumble bee? Flower?  The choice is yours!

    Step 3 - Dress Up, Attend & Impress!

    Be ready on October 29th at 6 PM PDT to bring your cutie and attend the Halloween Baby Party, the party will last for one hour.  During the party we encourage everyone to meet and greet and show off their baby and their costume and share any stories about why you chose the costume or about your baby themselves.  Attendees will be choosing who among them is the most deserving of taking home the prizes, so be prepared to lend a discerning eye, and a vote!

    Nooie Halloween Baby Party Prizes

    What can you win? We're so glad you asked! We have a fine collection of Nooie products that we can't wait to send your way. There are three categories, which means three chances to win. Prize winners will be chosen at the end of the live show.  

    The scariest baby costume:

    100 USD Nooie Gift card x1

    The most creative baby costume:

    100 USD Nooie Gift card x1

    Newest Nooie Baby Cam x 1

    Lucky draw winner:

    Newest Nooie Baby Cam x 1

    Good luck to everyone and we can;t wait to see what you come up with!

    Win Big this Halloween With Nooie

    Nooie is all about intuitive technology that cares for you and those you love. We're on a mission to make life simpler, safer, and better. Enter to win and step into Nooie's world of Warm Tech, smart living that is accessible to everyone.

    If you've got questions about the Halloween contest or any of our products, feel free to get in touch with us.