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    Why Outdoor Security Is Important and How Nooie's Cameras Can Help

    Why Outdoor Security Is Important and How Nooie's Cameras Can Help

    Why Outdoor Security Is Important and How Nooie's Cameras Can Help

    Part of keeping your home safe involves having proper surveillance. Here is why outdoor security is important and how Nooie's cameras can help.

    Did you know that burglars are three times more likely to target homes that don't have a security system? Most burglars will immediately move to target a different property once they see security cameras outside of a home.

    If you're a homeowner, it's essential to consider installing a home surveillance system if you don't yet have one.

    However, choosing the right system and the right company is not necessarily an easy choice to make. There are many options out there, but Nooie may be the perfect security solution for your property. 

    Keep reading as we discuss more reasons why outdoor security is so essential and how Nooie cameras specifically can help secure your home. 

    The Importance of Outdoor Security

    Outdoor security for a home unit is clearly important to keep you and your family members safe. The entire goal of having a home surveillance system or an outdoor security device, like a security camera, is to protect your home from burglars, theft, vandalism, and other crimes. 

    If you think like a thief, it makes sense that seeing security features on someone's home would make you want to go to a different house.

    It may make you, as someone that wants to commit a crime, go to a different neighborhood altogether! Installing security features outside of your home may help make your entire neighborhood community a little bit safer.

    Criminals simply don't want someone to watch or record them. Outdoor security features will reduce crime and help protect people that you care about. 

    The General Benefits of Installing Security Cameras

    Now that it's clear that outdoor security is crucial for a homeowner, it's important to know what sort of security features are even available to you.

    Some of the security features that you may see on homes include cameras, but also burglar alarms, security signs, motion sensors, floodlights, and door or window sensors. These can be found outside of or on homes in most communities across the country. 

    Keep in mind that some security devices also protect against other disasters, like burst pipes, fires, or floods. 

    Outdoor security cameras specifically can be a great choice because they are capable of working with these other devices as an entire system for maximum security. They also work well on their own, however, which is not necessarily true for some of the other anti-theft and security devices we've mentioned.

    Some of the key benefits of installing security cameras with or without other security devices include: 

    • Deterring theft or vandalism 
    • Insurance claim proof
    • Catching burglars if they break-in
    • Maintain records of your home activity

    Why You Should Choose Nooie Outdoor Cameras

    Our cameras have twelve infrared lights that help provide a clear image in the dark up to 50 feet away with a 107-degree field of view. Your home will be secure day or night with our cameras.

    We also have other security cameras features to keep porch pirates away. This includes alarm sirens and motion-detection capabilities. Our Nooie Outdoor Cam has two-way audio as well if you need it to communicate with guests arriving at your home or delivery drivers.

    No matter what the weather looks like, our cameras provide a great 1080P image and withstand the elements. Regardless of which climate you're in, our cameras will work on your home. 

    Nooie cameras are capable of doing more than just keeping criminals away. Our features allow for many other useful actions that you might use in your day-to-day life. For instance, the camera features can also help you keep an eye on your pets, greet guests at the door, and more

    Installation is easy, so you won't need to work with an electrician or a contractor to get your cameras set up. You use the tab to put the camera on the wall, plug it into your outlet, and it's ready to go! 

    Are Nooie Indoor Cameras Helpful for Outdoor Security?

    While our outdoor cameras are obviously beneficial to keep criminals away, you may want to install cameras inside the home. This will provide additional safety and security.

    Indoor cameras on the front and back doors, for example, offer an additional view of a crime if someone does actually break into your home. You can use this as further evidence to back up an insurance claim or show it as proof to the police. 

    Windows are also a common place for thieves to break in, so putting cameras that focus on your main windows may also benefit your home.

    Anywhere that you might have valuables should also have a camera for insurance purposes. This would include things like jewelry, artwork, or family heirlooms. 

    Remember that these indoor cameras (like the Nooie Cam 360) can be set up with additional features, such as alerting your smartphone if motion is detected when you're gone, which can be a benefit on its own.

    Focus on Your Outdoor Security With Nooie Cameras

    Now that you can see how important outdoor security is for your home and neighborhood, there has never been a better time to get security cameras! Nooie cameras are a cost-effective, reliable option for any homeowner that is interested in increased home protection.

    Nooie indoor and outdoor cameras offer a plethora of benefits no matter where you live or how large your home is.

    To learn more about our security options and the different features of the cameras we offer, take a look at our shop to see which cameras are right for you.