Deletion Terms & Conditions

Based on the "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy", you have the right to delete your Nooie APP account. The specific precautions for deleting the account are as follows. You know that if you do not follow the regulations, it may affect whether the deletion is successful.

1.Deletion Process

  1.1 You can delete your account by the following process: Open Nooie APP>Click “Account” in the navigation >Click “Account” in the list >Select “Account” to management> Click “Delete my Nooie account” > Verify your account >Select the reason why delete account >Agree to the precautions for deleting an account >Wait for review and complete.

  1.2 Tor to improve our products and services, you need to check the following reasons for leaving voluntarily before deletion: (1) I don't use the devices anymore;(2) I will use another app to control my devices;(3) I would like to re-register;(4) I am concerned about my data privacy;(5) Other

  1.3 We will review and complete the deletion within 15 days of receiving your application.

2.Registration Notice

  2.1 You are a person with full civil conduct and the cancelled account is registered and held by you.

  2.2 Tor to facilitate your operation, please do it in an environment with a smooth network.

  2.3 This Deletion Terms & Conditions are inconsistent, conflicting or supplementary with the "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy", and the contents of the "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy" shall prevail.

3.Account Deletion Consequences

Deleting an account is a permanent operation. After the account is cancelled:

  3.1 Apps, websites and subscription services registered with the registered initially email or mobile phone number will not be able to log in successfully unless you successfully register again.

  3.2 You will no longer be able to use the related IoT functions and services of the bundled product.

  3.3 Relevant data, including but not limited to account profile data, device data, cloud plan subscription data, family profile, and third-party service data will be lost.

  3.4 We will not keep your personalized name, and your personalized name will be assigned to other users first, which may cause you to no longer be able to use the name set by the deleted account when you re-register.

  3.5 If you have any paid subscriptions that are not activated, you will still be responsible for those charges.

  3.6 If you have any subscription services that have been paid for and have not been cancelled, there will be no automatic refund after account deletion.


If you are unable to delete successfully, you can appeal through, and the appeal period will not affect your rights and obligations before the account deletion.