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    Nooie Story, Spooktacular edition

    We're genuinely sad Halloween is over but during the month of October, we ran the Spooktacular Halloween Decor Contest at our Nooie Club. Many of our loyal fans shared their spooky home decorations with us. Today, we are pleased to announce the grand prize winner Claudia and 2 other breathtaking designs that received the most votes!

    1. A helping hand

    Looks like someone wanted to take the Indoor Cam for themselves but lost it along the way…Claudia Zolfaroli’s simple yet effective decorations seal the deal as the winner of our Halloween Decor Contest!

    2. You shall not pass!

    James Hirtz’s candy bowl needed an extra pair of eyes to ensure no goblins and ghouls helped themselves to extra candy because the Pro Cam’s got you on candid camera!

    3. The Grim Reaper’s favorite

    Who said the Grim Reaper doesn’t love some additional home security? He’s making sure that the 360 Cam 2 keeps an eye out for him while he takes a well-deserved rest after Halloween!

    Once again congratulations to Claudia Zolfaroli for winning the grand prize! We hope you have pinned some of these as your Halloween inspiration for next year! Meanwhile, don't forget to join the  Nooie Club for more exclusive contests that we planned for the rest of the year! We hope to see you there!