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    Moms, Babies & Nooie

    Mom's, Babies & Nooie

    Nooie is all about connecting people. In this time of honoring Mom’s we wanted to take a moment and sit down with two new moms to hear their stories of how Nooie has made an impact in their new roles as new moms, and how they feel about how Nooie has renewed our commitment to making products that are impactful in people’s lives. 

    These last few weeks have been all about Mom!  Nooie wanted to thank all of our fans and customers for their ongoing support for the Nooie brand.  We want to give back to our most loyal fans, so over the past few weeks Nooie has been hosting an interactive love fest for Mom’s on our social media.    The campaign included content sharing, interactions with Nooie staff and Executives and inside details about our current products and sneak peaks of our upcoming products. Nooie will also be rewarding best expressions of love with prizes.  We saw hundreds of comments and stories so far, and we wanted to share two of our own, from our staff.  Below are two stories about being a new mom from our very own Julie H. and Sunny X.

    Julie H.

    Julie is a family person dedicated to her most precious role of being a Mom, among many other roles.  She wanted to take this time to thank her mom and my grandmother, for both the skills and values they have passed on to her, and for sharing personal stories of her family and the past.  They have both been deceased for many years but the gifts they have passed on to Julie live on.

    Julie also told us a memory of when she was younger when she would have Mother's day with her grandmother and it was always lovely, but she has so few photos since Mother's Day wasn't necessarily considered to be a big holiday.  If she had had Nooie cameras in her home back then, she would have video to remember those times which would be the biggest gift of all!

    Julie told us she thinks all of Nooie's devices are so helpful for moms.  And that they are made to be super safe around kids.  Nooie cameras help you keep an eye on things without worrying, and they can also capture funny little things that kids and pets sometimes do when you are not in the room. The smart home devices allow you to automate everyday tasks, and voice commands are so helpful because a mom rarely has free hands!

    Julie has some advice for us, “To be helpful to moms, Nooie needs to stay connected and listen to what we need.  Mom's will tell you how Nooie can help make their lives easier and more secure.’  We agree and hear you Julie!

    Sunny H. 

    Sunny is one of our product designers and a very important part of how we make products that fit our Warm tech design philosophy.  She told us about how, when designing and making the concept for the new Nooie baby Cam, the first step was thinking about what mothers want and need in a baby camera.  She said that she was always Listening to customers for inspiration.” She said in her interviews with users she said that the most requested features for a baby cam included smart features, crying detection as well as motion and sound detection and alerts. 

    For Sunny, she takes the time to put herself in Nooie’s user's shoes. Nooie's goal of providing peace of mind to Moms through stylish, affordable and intuitive technology. Her experience listening to customers was the impetus behind our new Baby cam and she is excited to see the connections the new Baby Cam will make. 

    The Nooie Commitment to Mom’s

    Starting from our “Warm tech,” design philosophy, we design and engineer our products to be as much art as technology.   Our award-winning designs personify chic home electronics.  In response to stories like Julie and Sunny's we will be introducing a cam made just for Moms and their Babies.  The new Baby Cam will feature baby-friendly faceplates, high resolution video, motion detection, cloud and local storage, cry detection, and night vision. In addition they will feature two-way audio so no coo, hiccup or cry or opportunity to swoon over them will be missed.  The new Baby Cam was designed with moms in mind and instilled with Nooie’s brand vision of being the bridge between loved ones, especially in the age of social distance! 

    We invite you to join our #MomNooieMe event on our Facebookand Instagram that ends this weekend. Honoring Mom’s means telling them how important they are to us, and Nooie wants to help! We will have many prizes to give out for those who participate, details are on our Facebook and Instagram!

    The Entire Nooie team Thanks You For Your Support!