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    Nooie's Debut at CES Las Vegas 2019

    Jan 10, 2020

    Nooie’s first year exhibiting at CES, was a great success! Attendees shared positive impressions and great feedback on the sophisticated design and user-friendly technology powering Nooie products that make homes more productive, integrated, and sustainable.

    The Nooie Cam 360 stood out as an affordable and transformative technology among more than 20,000 products showcased at CES 2020 in January. With 360° motion tracking, plus motion and sound detection and real-time alerts, Nooie Cam 360 is your eyes and ears when you are away. Two 940mm infrared LEDs provide a clear, crisp picture up to 32ft (10m) even when it’s pitch-black, and two-way audio lets you listen and talk to family or pets from anywhere. All of these features can be easily accessed and monitored with the intuitive Nooie Cam mobile app, and video can be stored locally or in the cloud.

    All six of Nooie’s smart home solutions, were well very received. Want to get one for yourself? You can buy them all on our website or Amazon. 

    “Our first year at CES has been a great success.” said Sasha Tseng, Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder of Nooie, “Customers want beautifully designed cameras and smart devices to protect their homes and loved ones, and to make their homes smart and efficient. They are no longer willing to settle for cold, harsh, unattractive smart devices that clash with the carefully chosen interior design of their homes.”