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    All About the Nooie Smart Light Bulbs and How to Use Them

    All About the Nooie Smart Light Bulbs and How to Use Them

    The Nooie Aurora smart light bulbs can set the perfect mood, has a variety of colors, and has tones and temperatures. Find out more about them here!

    Did you know that the average American home has 67 lights?

    You might not give a second thought to the ones in your house, but they certainly do a lot for you! Not only do they light the way so it's safer, but they also can set the mood and even help with sleep; that is, if you have the right light bulbs.

    Now that we have smart technology, it only makes sense that smart light bulbs are on the market as well. In fact, the Nooie Aurora bulbs can really change your life for the better.

    But how? Keep reading to find out all the awesome benefits that come with these light bulbs!

    Switch up Colors in Your House

    Most houses have boring white lights in them. While they work just fine, it can be a bit mundane.

    What if you wanted to switch things up a little bit? What if you're entertaining guests and you want to set a certain mood for your party? Or maybe you're doing a photoshoot to buff up your portfolio?

    You can easily do so with our smart light bulbs! You can change the tones and temperature of every bulb to create the perfect mood.

    The variety of colors for theNooie Aurora lights (there are millions of hues!) means you can get such a wide variety of ambiances, you'll never get bored! And if you can't decide, you can choose from our premade themes for an easier time.

    In addition, you'll always be able to get the right lighting for any occasion. Whether you want to read a book or party with your friends, Nooie Aurora can suit your every need. Your friends will think you're a magician!

    No Need for a Hub

    With most smart home technologies, you'll need a home automation hub to ensure everything works smoothly. Not only will this cost more, but it'll also be more of a hassle to install.

    What's great about Nooie Aurora smart light bulbs is you won't need a smart home hub to use them! So if you were worried about having to add more tech, rest easy knowing that all you'll have to do is download the app and pair them to it. That's it!

    Convenient Controls and Commands

    We all know how it feels to get all snug in your blanket and not want to get out. Why spend a moment longer out of bed if you don't have to?

    With our smart light bulbs, you can control when they're off and on, as well as how bright they are. And you can do all this through either voice commands or with our handy app!

    If you'd like to use voice commands, then you'll be glad to know that Nooie Aurora pairs with Alex and Google Home. So if you already have those smart home systems, you're ready to go!

    Otherwise, you can roll over and grab your smartphone. Open up or the Nooie App and you can adjust the lighting from there.

    Sleep Easy

    Many people aren't aware of this, but light exposure before or during sleep can significantly impact your sleep quality. So if you're someone who starts snoring as soon as they hit the sheets, but before you get a chance to turn off the lights, you might be inadvertently sabotaging your own sleep!

    The Nooie Aurora smart light bulbs are paired with the app, which means you can set automatic on and off schedules. If you know that you'll be drifting off to lalaland around 11:00 pm and that your alarm will go off at 7:00 am, you can program this into the Nooie app. Your lights will then turn off and on automatically so you don't have to worry about doing it yourself.

    As a result, you'll have a much better sleep schedule!

    It's Safe

    When dealing with electricity and lighting, there's always an element of danger involved. But get peace of mind knowing that the Nooie Aurora smart light bulb is constructed with special cooling materials.

    What this means is that you can readjust each bulb as much as you want, without worrying that you'll get burned. This also means that these lights will never overheat!

    Our bulbs are also FCC and UL-certified. With these 2 stamps of approval, Nooie Aurora lights are completely safe to use!

    They're Energy-Efficient

    The clue should be in the name: "smart" light bulbs will be much more energy-efficient than normal lights! Each light bulb should last you about 20 years, which gives you 90% savings when compared to incandescent bulbs.

    The price of buying Nooie Aurora smart light bulbs might seem on the pricier side at first. But when you consider how much you'll save in the long run, you'll be doing yourself a huge favor! And when you break down the price for each bulb, it's really not that much more than incandescent bulbs.

    Get the Nooie Aurora Smart Light Bulbs for Your Home

    After reading about the Nooie Aurora smart light bulbs, you probably think they sound pretty amazing. And they are!

    Not only can you pick from a wide variety of hues to set the mood for any occasion, but you can also program on/off schedules. This, plus their energy efficiency, makes getting these lights so worth it, especially since you can also use the app and voice commands to adjust the lighting in your home.

    So upgrade your property today by swapping out your old bulbs for smart Nooie ones. This affordable decision will definitely be worth it!

    Do you want to experience all the benefits of Nooie Aurora smart light bulbs? Then buy from us now! Smart bulbs are on sale until 20th, Aug.

    If you're interested in exploring the possibilities of these innovative bulbs, you might be excited to know that there are currently vacancies for lighting designers in various tech companies. Working in this field, you could be at the forefront of creating cutting-edge lighting solutions, including smart bulbs like Nooie Aurora, that enhance people's lives and transform the way we interact with our living spaces. Embrace this opportunity to be part of the future of lighting technology!