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    5 reasons why you need a Pet Feeder

    5 reasons why you need a Pet Feeder

    We all love and adore our pets, they are the best serotonin boost after a long day. However, with things picking up again, we are not always going to be home on time. So, in scenarios like this, how can a Pet Feeder help you? We narrowed down 5 reasons why!

    1.Foster healthy eating habits

    It’s always good to start early. Fostering healthy eating habits for your pet will minimise digestive issues that can affect them long term and can even cause life-threatening conditions associated with GDV (gastric dilatation-volvulus). 

    By having the Nooie Pet Feeder, you are able to manage and remotely customise a feeding schedule that your pet can stick to without having to worry about your impromptu meeting or when you need to make an urgent overnight trip.

    2.Weight management

    Studies have shown that approximately 59% of pets in the US are suffering from obesity. Eating healthy is not the only important factor to a long and fulfilling life for our pets, portion control and consuming the appropriate amount of food is crucial, especially if your pets are suffering from diabetes.

    With the portion control option that you can freely access with the Nooie app on the smartphone, you can manage and alter the portion when required without needing to worry. 

    3.No stale food

    Pet kibbles contain different nutrients and some of these come in the form of good fatty acids. However, leaving your pet kibbles exposed to the environment can also cause the food to oxidise and turn bad. While it does not pose an immediate threat, leaving it out for long periods of time can allow bacterial pathogens to foster, causing gastrointestinal discomfort. In fact most vets recommend that the kibbles should be consumed within 4 hours after it has been dispensed, and having a pet feeder will give you full control of both the feeding time and the portion that is fed.

    4.Pet sitters can be expensive

    Pet sitters seem like the obvious choice when we need someone to care for our pets. However, A pet sitter charges an average of $25 per 30 minutes visit. It is a luxury that is not always accessible to a lot of us, especially if we run a little late due to a little overtime or a last minute client meeting you have to attend.

    5.Focus on your task!

    Having to constantly worry whether you can make it back in time to feed your pets at home can be quite disruptive to your workflow and being antsy about it isn’t going to help either. When paired with a pet camera or even an indoor camera (like the 360 series), you can quickly hop on to the Nooie app and do a quick check on them and feed them concurrently, anytime and anywhere.


    Ease your worries, while having the ability to make sure your little ones are fed on time.


    Ultimately, the pet feeder has numerous benefits for your pets, especially in the long term. With the Nooie App, you can easily access the Pet Feeder and control their feeding schedule and manage their feeding portions. When paired with the 360 Cam 2, you will be able to also keep an eye on them and ‘communicate’ with them via the 2-way-audio functionality, but please bear in mind this does not replicate an actual caregiver for long periods of travel.

    Nooie is not only an affordable option for any household, the aesthetic and minimalistic design fits in seamlessly with any of your living space. To learn more about our Pet Feeder and what it can offer, feel free to look at our store.