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    Transform life with Warm Tech.

    Nooie was created from love, with love, and to love. We’re on a mission to simplify and refine your life with Warm Tech*, and to make smart living more accessible to all.

    *Warm Tech: intuitive technology that cares for you and your loved ones.

    As parents, we understand that life can be challenging and chaotic. That’s why Nooie wants to empower you with the benefits of Warm Tech, which give you more control over your life. We want to help make people’s lives more productive, integrated, and sustainable. We believe it’s a vision achievable by design, Warm Tech, being united, and working toward the same goal. The result is products that look nice, work well, and save you money.

    Blends into your home.

    Inspired by pottery and natural shapes such as pebbles, Nooie introduced a softened design language with subtle color pallets and ceramic-like finishing. We tested dozens of hues, materials, and finishes, searching for those that would spark a sense of warmth. Together with Warm Tech, we want our products to fit in naturally with that favorite place of yours – home.

    Blends into your home.

    To deliver a simple, seamless, and satisfying experience, we implement the process of design, testing, and refinement. We choose high-quality materials to build products that are safe to use and will last for a long time. Nooie products are also easy to install, simple to control, and a breeze to maintain. They’re just a pleasure to use, and that’s by design. Our products are as lovely as they are powerful.

    Everybody deserves a Nooie.

    By partnering with a like-minded manufacturer and reducing unnecessary costs through minimalist design and packaging, Nooie provides the best – and lowest – price-performance ratio on the market.

    We can’t make your home a home – you’ve already done that. But we can make your home more intelligent, elegant, and connected to everything you care about.

    We believe that safety and security shouldn’t be a luxury, and everyone deserves a Nooie. Let’s connect.

    Let's get in touch.

    Facebook: @nooiehome