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    Nooie Smart Power Strip


    Nooie smart power strip supports Surge Protection and overload protection, effective absorption of the sudden huge energy, preventing the electronics from irreparable damage. Circuit breaker automatically breaks off when the current exceeds the threshold to protect your home safer.


    With nooie app, you can easily control your home electronics on or off even when away. And also with the compatibility to Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can always control appliances with smart plugs by giving voice commands to Alexa or Google Assistant.


    Schedule the Smart Power Strip to your electronics on or off as you wish. Turn on /off the light, fans, heater, or other appliances at a specific time you set on this wifi power strip, You can create the daily or weekly pattern, share the management with your family.


    ETL Listed UL andFCC Certificated. Nooie Smart Power Strip is made of high-quality materials. Thick 3.28ft power cord with heat resistant material and long lifespan.


    Space-Saving Design

    Designed to save your space and utilize very socket no matter how big your other plugs are. You can use several devices at the same time.

    Share with your family

    Many mobile phones are allowed to control a single device. The main account can be used to share the device with the family. Multiple devices use by multiple people does not require that multiple people are coupled repeatedly.

    Blackout-Proof Functionality

    Nooie Smart Power Strip remembers its status, settings, and schedules even when the power goes out. No need to set it up again. Don't worry about the sudden power off, you can restart as before.

    Stable and Anti-slip Base

    Nooie smart power strip has 4 anti-slip bases. It uses rubber to fixed the strip on the desk stably which can prevent the smart power strip from falling down. With a sturdy and non-slip base, even if the plugs and other appliances are heavy. It won't turn over. It 's more safer and convenient.