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    The future is here, and it’s
    looking sharp.

    Worry-free while away.

    Manage your home remotely with smart Nooie Home products and the Nooie app.

    Scheduling Made Easy.

    Create automatic schedules for your devices. Keep a stress-free, healthy routine.

    Hands-Free Voice Commands.

    Add voice control to your smart devices easily by adding Nooie skills to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

    Sharing is caring.

    Give others access to your devices with the Nooie Home app. Let them manage the entire place as owners, or one device at a time as guests.

    Designed for safety.

    Certified by FC, ETL, UL, CE and RoHS. Safe for you and your family.

    Security with a twist.

    Nooie Cam 360 features automatic motion tracking that keeps up with the action. It is a winner!


    Moves with your curiosity.

    You can always find what you look for.
    Listen in and say hi to your babe.

    1080P Full HD

    Two-Way Audio

    Motion Tracking

    Pan & Tilt

    Lights off and sleep tight.

    Superior night vision allows you to check on your loved ones without waking them up.

    Superior Night Vision

    Store and rewind.

    Store footage on our secure cloud or your own MicroSD card. Never miss a moment.



    Peace of mind from anywhere.

    Receive instant app notifications wherever you are,
    whenever motion or sound is detected.

    Two-way audio & Live view

    Pre-Recorded Messages

    Every detail matters.

    High-performance, high-definition, and high-style. Because you deserve it.

    Gamma Correction

    Dynamic Noise Reduction

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