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Nooie Celebrates 4 Year Anniversary With 15% Site-Wide Sale

Nooie Celebrates 4 Year Anniversary With 15% Site-Wide Sale

Are you planning to buy a smart home camera? You can take advantage of the 15% site-wide sale being offered by Nooie on their 4 year anniversary.

 While the humble mouse might not make it past its third birthday, Nooie is celebrating its fourth with a bang. It's true, we are turning four and whether you're a long-time fan or you've just discovered the wide range of Nooie cameras, there's a reason for everyone to celebrate. For the whole month of April, Nooie is offering 15% off all of its products so you can get your next Nooie camera with a nice little discount.

Nooie's Brand Mission

Nooie was created with a mission to simplify and refine your life by making smart living more accessible with products that look nice, work well, and save you money. Life can be challenging at the best of times which is why Nooie incorporates intuitive technology to care for you and your loved ones, referred to as Warm Tech. We believe our vision is achievable by design, being united, and working toward the same goal.

Nooie Camera Buying Guide

With so many great products on offer, you might be a bit overwhelmed about what to get first. Here are some quick Nooie camera buying tips to help you choose the best camera or smart product for your home.

Nooie Indoor Cam

The Nooie camera sale means you can get the already affordable Nooie Indoor Cam or Baby Cam for 15% off full price. Features include 1080P full HD, two-way audio, and sound and motion detection. Six infrared lights mean you'll get crisp vision even with the lights off with a range up to 32 feet.

Nooie Outdoor Cam

If you're looking for the best camera to keep your home safe, you can't go wrong with a Nooie Outdoor Cam. Winner of the Keypoint Intelligence Outstanding Budget Home Security Camera award, these cameras are easy to install and built to stand the weather.

Nooie Doorbell Cam

Let your visitors feel welcome before they even step in the door with a doorbell cam. Besides welcoming visitors with two-way audio, you'll also have the benefit of round-the-clock protection. Features like a passive infrared sensor, 2K resolution, and an anti-theft siren ensure that your doorbell and home are kept safe.

Nooie Smart Plug and Powerstrip

Make your home even smarter with a smart plug and after a few days, you'll wonder how you managed to live without these in your home. A smart plug lets you control your devices from anywhere including the ability to program your own schedule. You can also tell your smart plug what to do using Alexa or Google Assistant.

Nooie Aurora

Set the mood perfectly every single time with a Nooie Aurora. With millions of hues to choose from, you can customize your own lighting themes or play around with pre-made ones for every occasion. You can use your voice to turn lights on or off and even set an automatic schedule that gently coaxes you awake.

Get Your Nooie Camera Discount Today

The clock is ticking and we're not getting any younger. If you've got your sights on a new security camera or are keen to make your home even smarter, head to our store to get your order in today. You'll need to hurry though, this sale is on only until April 30, 2022.