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The Digest ft. 360 Cam series

It's hard not to love our 360 Cam series. Its versatility, premium quality, advanced features, and affordability make this range very difficult to pass. So, we are extremely excited to share that we have been featured in 2 different “Best Cameras of 2022” lists, and a stellar product review in TechHive!

Let’s take a glimpse at what these tech experts have to say!

1. “The best pet camera with vertical and horizontal rotation”

“This is a very affordable pet camera compared to the premium options from Furbo and Petcube, but like them, you can talk to your pet with the built-in mic and speaker. It offers many of the same features for a fraction of the price, including night vision, and is the best pet camera on a budget,”

- Alistair Charlton, Digital Camera World

The 360 Cam 2 made it onto Digital Camera World’s “Best Pet Camera in 2022” list! The motion tracking certainly makes it easier to locate our pets even when they have the zoomies, or in the dark at night with the built-in night vision feature, while we’re asleep and they are not.

Read the full article here.


2. “Smart indoor security camera which has a special relationship with Alexa”

“In a way, the Nooie Cam 360’s most amazing feature is the price; able to turn and track pets and people (including babies) it’s ideal for nurseries without imposing too much of a threat to the wallet. Not only that, but it’s not a ploy for cash later – it can record to a local memory card (albeit with a slightly crude downloading process), so it can be used without becoming a long-term drain on a tight budget. You can also choose Nooie’s cloud service, which is based on Amazon Web Services storage and costs a very reasonable $10 a year per device for seven days,”

- Adam Juniper, Resident Expert of Digital Camera World

The 360 Cam also made it onto another list from Digital Camera World for “Best Indoor Security Cameras.” While the 360 Cam does not have the 2K resolution like in the 360 Cam 2, it is still a well-rounded indoor security camera for families who need an efficient camera solution for their kids and pets that doesn't break the bank.

Read the full article here.


3. “This pan-and-tilt camera follows you around”

“Combining remote tilting and panning, high-resolution video, and the ability to follow intruders and furry friends alike, the black, oval-shaped Nooie 360 Cam 2 can keep track of pets and kids as well as warn you of suspicious goings-on in your home,”

- Brian Nadel, TechHive

Brian shares that the 360 Cam 2 excels even in the dark of night thanks to its powerful infrared sensors allowing you to see up to 32 ft. He also mentioned how he used the motion tracking feature of the 360 Cam 2 to track the activities of his family members and their pet tortoise that roams around!

Read the full article here.

Final Thoughts

While there's always room for improvement, we're happy to see that the 360 Cam series received some great recognition from these industry experts. Let us know your thoughts on our 360 Cam Series in the Nooie Club! We would love to hear from you