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Let’s Move and Start Fresh!

Sep 3, 2021

We’re moving! Nooie Cam App will no longer be available starting Feb 1, 2022. Switch to the brand new Nooie App to control all of your Nooie Cam and Nooie Home devices in one place! 

 How To Switch to Nooie App

1. Update all your devices to its latest firmware.
You have to update all your devices to its latest firmware to ensure a smooth migration from Nooie Cam to Nooie app. Go to the camera’s settings to check your update availability.

2. Download the Nooie App.
Click the link below to download the Nooie app or search “Nooie” in the App Store or Google Play.

3. Troubleshoot
If your device didn’t show up or you can’t browse the Playback on your Nooie app, please contact us for further assistance at support@nooie.com and write “App Transfer” as the title.

New History Playback Experience

In the new history playback interface, you will have a much bigger area to scroll (both up and down) and bigger images when browsing through motion/sound triggered events. Plus, you can skip right to a specific timeframe by tapping the clock on the right side of the screen.

You can easily switch between “Timeline View” and “List View.” List View shows you only the recorded events. If you are storing your videos in our secure Nooie Cloud, you can download them anytime.

Multi-Feed Live Streaming

Now see all of your live streams on one screen! Our new Multi-Feed Live Streaming turns your phone into your very own Control Room. Bonus: You can select only the cameras you wish to view.

Rotate your screen horizontally for an even better view, and select an image for full screen mode where you can quickly access top features such as on demand recording, two-way audio and image capture. 

Energy Saving Advice! If your camera is battery-powered, you need to give a double confirmation to activate your camera for Multi-Feed Live Streaming to preserve battery life. 

My Day from Nooie

Nooie Day gives you a short time-lapse video of each day’s events. Nooie Day playback is 2x to provide quick summary of the day’s highlights.

Calling all Nooie Cam App Users! Have you been using the Nooie Cam App for years?

We’re going to be decommissioning our Nooie Cam App soon, so be sure to download our new Nooie home TODAY! It’s easy to use, and has all of these great features and more.