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Provide Feedback on a Nooie Product, Receive 50% Off

Dear Loyal Nooie Friends,

Thank you for your continued support over the years. Nooie has always been committed to producing quality smart home solutions, and your feedback on our products is vital to the growth of our brand. One of our priorities is to pay close attention to the impact of our products on people’s lives. From applications and convenience, to comfort and aesthetics, our goal is to deliver the best solutions possible.

With this in mind, we would like to invite you to participate in our Nooie feedback program. We will offer you 50% off on a Nooie product you agree to purchase, use and provide feedback on within our program.

Nooie products available within this feedback program:

360 cam 2DoorbellPro CamPet Feeder
Original Price69.99199.99299.99Coming...
Rabated Price34.9999.99149.99Coming...
Features360 rotationWirelessSpotlightWi-Fi control
WIFI2.4GHz2.4G/5G 2.4G/5G 2.4 GHz

Instructions on Participating in Our Nooie Feedback Program

Step 1: Click the “Apply Now” button below
Step2: Let us know which product you would like to purchase and experience
Step 3: Nooie will provide you a promo code for 50% off the product
Step 4: Order the Nooie product as instructed using the promo code
Step 5: Once your product order is received, experience it for yourself
Step 6: When ready, follow our instructions to write your review

More to Come…

The more products you provide feedback on, the greater the opportunity to be selected to check out our newest products in the near future such as our robot vacuum, air purifier, handheld vacuum, and more.

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