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    Now that school is back in session and a new year is starting, it's time to think about what you need to transition comfortably into your new campus life. While the dorm room might not be your home, you can still add smart home staples to smarten up your dorm room without going over your college budget.

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    This week, we unveil a new segment dedicated to our loyal fans who have shared their daily life and touching stories with us on social media - Nooie Story.

    In this segment, we feature four fan-submitted stories about the popular 360 Cam series. Learn new creative ways and pick up tips from other Nooie fans on the different ways you can use your 360 Cam and 360 Cam 2!

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    It is rewarding to be a pet parent. They bring a lot of joy and excitement to our daily life that we can't imagine spending a day without them around. While having pets is wonderful, there are some common mistakes that many pet parents make that are avoidable.

    Although not all of these are done with ill will, some of the mistakes can lead to various health concerns and behavioral issues. In today’s post, we will explore what are some of the common mistakes made by pet owners and what you could do to avoid them!

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    As pet parents, have you ever wondered what your pets are doing back home? One of the most common complaints among pet parents today is that their pets have become increasingly stressed or destructive and especially so with most of us now returning to work and spending more time away from home.

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    Video doorbell cameras are a great addition to any home. They claim to enhance your home security and complement it if you own an integrated security camera system at your residence or even your place of work. It's a visual (vocal) deterrent to any unscrupulous trespasser who decides to take advantage of your absence to snag up your Amazon Prime delivery and it allows you to check who's at your door.
    While it is one of the most popular smart home security products to own… do you need one?
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    Smart indoor cameras are almost a staple product in any modern household now. Once upon a time, these security systems and these cameras would cost a fortune and only a select few could afford them.
    Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and accessibility of these products, we are spoiled with so many affordable options, but the question remains…Do you need one?
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    Weall love and adore our pets, they are the best serotonin boost after a long day. However, with things picking up again, we are not always going to be home on time. So, in scenarios like this, how can a Pet Feeder help you? We narrowed down 5reasons why! Read here to find out!
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    Did you know that 69% of US homes have at least one smart home device? Many benefits come with smart home systems, but where do you start?

    If you are intrigued with the idea of home automation but are at a loss of what you should purchase first, you've come to the right place!

    Keep reading this beginner's smart home guide!

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    While the humble mouse might not make it past its third birthday, Nooie is celebrating its fourth with a bang. It's true, we are turning four and whether you're a long-time fan or you've just discovered the wide range of Nooie cameras, there's a reason for everyone to celebrate. For the whole month of April, Nooie is offering 15% off all of its products so you can get your next Nooie camera with a nice little discount.
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    In February 2022, Keypoint Intelligence announced its winners for its Buyers Lab (BLI) Home Security Camera Analyst Choice Awards. And the Nooie Cam Outdoor received an award for Outstanding Budget Home Security Camera. If you were in the market for an outdoor security camera, then we hope this has caught your attention. Read on to see how and why this Nooie Cam won a BLI 2022 Home Security Award!

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    If you're a homeowner, it's essential to consider installing a home surveillance system if you don't yet have one. However, choosing the right system and the right company is not necessarily an easy choice to make. There are many options out there, but Nooie may be the perfect security solution for your property. Keep reading as we discuss more reasons why outdoor security is so essential and how Nooie cameras specifically can help secure your home. 

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    In the blink of an eye, a crime can change your life. Nearly seven million property crimes occurred in the United States in 2019. That's more than ten crimes a minute. But America doesn't have to suffer from the scourge of crime. You can take basic steps to keep you and your family safe, such as installing indoor cameras. The key is to find the right camera setups for your needs. 

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