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In Focus: How to get the most out of your Nooie Home devices today

Feb 18, 2021

We designed Nooie Home products to be intuitive, stylish, and easy-to-use, but a cheat sheet is great to have for even the smartest products.

Consider this your guide to using Nooie Home products like a pro. Trust us: These tips will improve your experience using our products, save their battery life, and help you avoid annoying and unnecessary alerts.

Nooie Smart Plug: Schedule, Countdown & Grouping

Set up a timer to control the usage precisely. Or use three types of schedules: ON/OFF ( to turn the device on or off at a specific time); From… To… (to turn the device on for a period of time); Travel Away (to turn the device on and off randomly to simulate being home when you are not). You can also set up a loop timer under the “From… To…” schedule. An example of using a loop timer may be a fish tank’s oxygen pump that needs to go on for 10 mins every hour, so you can set the loop timer to turn the plug on for 10 minutes and turn it off for 50.

You can group multiple plugs together to control them simultaneously. And turn the child-lock feature on, which will disable the power button to stop a curious kid from playing with the plugs.

Nooie Smart Power Strip: Name Outlets Differently to Control Separately

The power strip basically has 4 smart plugs and 1 smart USB unit (4 ports) that can be controlled individually. They all have the schedule and timer features explained in the smart plug section. One tip for using the power strip is that you can name the outlets differently to have better control over the connected appliances.

Nooie Aurora: Wake Up and Sleep Tight

Besides the basic ON/OFF schedule feature, Nooie Aurora has “Wake Up” and “Sleep Tight” schedules, which will slowly turn the light on before you wake up, or slowly turn it off before you go to sleep. It’s a great feature that doesn’t strike you with a sudden change of brightness.

All Nooie Home products are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant’s voice control. When connecting to Alexa or Google Assistant, you'll see both “Nooie” and “Nooie Home” skills in their apps; make sure to choose the latter.