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    Plug Type

    Remote Control
    Control your home or office anywhere, anytime. Download the Nooie Home app on your phone. Then connect the smart plug to your phone!

  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Schedule feature
  • Timer function
  • Energy saving
  • Works with Nooie Home APP
  • Only supports 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi

  • Share with your family
    Many mobile phones are allowed to control a single device. The main account can be used to share the device with the family.

    Child Lock
    Use Nooie Smart Plug’s child-lock feature to temporarily disable the power button, stopping your children from accidentally turning on appliances.

    Blackout-Proof Functionality
    Nooie Smart Plug remembers its status, settings, and schedules even when the power goes out. No need to set it up again.

    Scheduling Made Easy
    Three types of schedules got all your needs covered. Program your outlets to turn on and off automatically at a specific time or set a time frame for their functioning. Make it seem like someone’s home while you’re traveling with the Travel Away mode, which turns your lights on and off randomly throughout the day.

    Leave a Greener Footprint
    Using the Nooie Smart Plug lets you manage your electricity consumption more efficiently. It’s a win-win, really: with automatic schedules and daily routines, you can lower your energy bills and save the planet.